Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Milestone and a tear.

Today was the first day of school....
and the way the kids had been fighting the last 2 weeks
 I was so ready to send them on their way to school!
Until this morning our oldest starts his first day of high school
 and our baby starts kindergarten.
Cory starts 5th grade.
and I started to cry leaving the school....
this is a day I have been waiting for the first time in 15 years I
don't have a little one with me at home.
I have cleaned both toilets and am starting the laundry
I think I'll get used to the peace and quiet!!

The flowers I bought at the farmers market
how pretty are they I would like to see the rest of her yard.


  1. Aw how sweet them all with their school bags ready for school. I'm sure you will begin to love the time to yourself more and more.

    All things nice...

  2. Hello Heidi

    I thought it was only my boys that fight and squabble almost incessently...especially this holiday but they have been with each other 24/7.
    The flowers are beautiful...

    Enjoy your time, it soon goes...the hands on the clock go very fast. Just wait until they flee the nest... My big girl did last winter :-(
    We can only manage 4/5 weeks top max without seeing each other lol!

    Have Fun! Have you anything special planned with this new found freedom?

    Kram Julie x

  3. After your initial shock, you are going to love it and then the time is going to go too fast!!

  4. Hello Heidi,
    Big hugs from me! I'm sure after the 'hard bits' you will come to treasure your quiet time.....don't worry the kids will be back in the afternoon. x

  5. Pretty soon they'll come exploding in the door, fighting, and you'll just sigh. It's the milestone that makes you saddest. The flowers are gorgeous! Diane

  6. Does your faucet have handles? LOl we bought our set online and the dang cute little handles split!!!! and fell off!!! Luckily, I have another set which I need to blog about. that is a story in itself.

  7. Enjoy some time to yourself. The school day goes so quickly, I find it hard to fit everything in before I need to pick them up at home time.
    I love your flowers they look so meadowy.

  8. Oh boy! You know how I dread that day, when baby is off just like the big kids...you must enjoy your time, think of the possibilities, oh yes, that's exciting! They'll be back before you know it with all the usual noise & banter. I bet your sweet girl was busting to get out there & start this new adventure, all so exciting...

  9. Oh heidi, It's funny isn't it, you can't wait for them to start back at school but then you miss them being at home. Next sept I will have the same thing, eldest at secondary school and youngest starting primary school. I can't wait to get some time back but I know I will be sad that the littlest bear will be highlighting just how much he has grown up boo hoo xxxxxxx

  10. Ooh, I can understand how emotional it must feel - and the conflicting feelings that pull and tug. Now for some well-deserved me-time :) I think the first weeks take such a lot out of you after a long holiday, but it's so nice once routine has kicked in and autumn brings some inspiration.

  11. Oh gorgeous girl, big day for you!! I had my 4 in 4 years, so i went from having all 4 at home, to having all 4 at preschool to school in no time, starting with 12 hours a week but boy, did that time fly. I talk to myself & our puppy, a lot. I've been home alone for 30 hours a week for almost 2 years & i'm lucky i enjoy my own company & have this whole sewing thing going on, or i'm not sure what i'd do - i guess live in the world's cleanest house & spend all day in the gym, i'd rather my sewing life. Love Posie

  12. Hello Heidi

    Thank you for your comment...Isn't the sampler JUST lovely...NO it's not been made by me, it was a google image I found, I think, and I saved it to my blogging folder. BUT you have given me an idea...I have some aida and wool...I just might have a go and make one!
    Watch this space! But don't hold your breath LOL!
    Julie x

  13. Goodness all those years with a little person around!I surely cannot imagine this. I always feel sad when back to school arrives but value my 'me' time. My son is 16 now so I don't see so much of him anyway! Another chapter begins Heidi; enjoy... Linda x