Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Phil.....

Mimi and I will bake you a cake....
The boys and I wanted to get this Lathe for you ,
but it's the thought that counts right...

Mimi wanted to get you a boy barbie
that would have been a gift in our price range...

Happy Birthday!!!!!


  1. I was wondering what your shop building looked like. Thanks for posting it. Some of our snow has still hung on around the creek.

    Things are shaping up in your shop change - it's all looking so pretty. I love the yellow and green and cream, too.

    Tell Phil Happy Birthday from Wyoming. Blessings today, Diane

  2. Happy Birthday to Phil
    from England!
    Your store looks gorgeous! You have some amazing stock!
    I dream of having a little shop but I'm sure the reality is very different!Such hard work!
    I'll have to stick with my stall and online shops for now!
    Good Luck with the rest of your rearranging!Oh and thankyou for the kind comment about me on the cucakesandbiscuits blog,you're such a sweetie!!
    Rachel x

  3. Happy birthday! I love what kids pick out!
    Hugs, Lisa