Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crochet to a whole new level...

This is in Mexico...
The red thread

Vicki brought three of these books to our
eat to much work on crafts day..
I didn't post any pictures because we really
didn't get a lot done but it was a great day
just kind of relaxing...
back to the books ,they were amazing.
I want to learn
and if I can't be taught.
thank God for etsy.

See what I mean and this is nothing
compared to whats in those books.
Maybe I'll take to it like a fish to water and I can cover our truck !


  1. What a lovely post, the necklace is adorable.
    I am still trying to learn to crochet.
    Lucy at Attic 24 has a wonderful blog with lots of crochet tutorials!You might like to take a peek!
    Rachel x

  2. That chain is so pretty!! I love the bus. Like you I enjoy crocheting as well. My only problem is that I like gardening, cooking, singing, reading and baking too, so little time is left......A crocheted blanket in granny squares is still on my wish list. Hopefully one day it will be finished!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. I love the little cherries and the necklace. The truck??? I guess!! I love crochet. It's a great thing to just be able to pick it up and work on it and put it down - no counting stitches (unless you follow a pattern - like I don't).