Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I met someone famous....

Yesterday was a rough day,
I had big plans for myself as far as a
to do list...
It all came to a halt when at 8am
Phil got a vitamin caught in his throat...
I promise I was patient at first.
He could breathe fine it was just stuck like a rock in there..

so I drove him to the emergency room and
when we got there
I said how is it
because it will probably cost $1,000 to get it out..
I regret saying it
poor thing...
we drove back home.
I know I'm a killjoy.

finally at noon he finally swallowed that pill.
my patience was gone
all the whining wears you down..

so after dinner I snuck out to the store to work alone in peace
and look who found me chatter box,
she read me stories, then she was quiet and I found her trying on all the hats
looking at herself in the mirror, It was so cute.
I asked if I could take her picture,
She said Mom if you want me to do something famous you just have to ask....
my OH my
what an ending to a day.


  1. love love these images...she is perfect in everyway...and those amazing hats!

  2. What a little cutie! I bet you're pleased that Phil swallowed the pill! thank goodness we have the National health service here!
    Rachel x

  3. How could you be upset with yourself when you have somebody famous like that to make you smile. I had a little chatterbox, too, if you know who I mean. But such a joy!!!

    I'm sorry about the other. Sometimes you just don't react the way you want yourself to.

  4. Dear Heidi,

    Good to hear that your husband is ok! Horrible to have something in your throat! The little chatterbox looks like a princess with her floral hats. You have a very pretty daughter!

    Have a good wednesday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. Love it! Sorry about the pill though! That really stinks that was a long time. I would have freaked out! I am glad you have a Famous Daughter! Glad I can get to see her too!
    Hugs, Lisa