Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A pretty dress fo a wall

I've decided I'd like
to find a Beautiful vintage dress
to hang over the large mirror in our bedroom!
I have seen where they have made dresses into curtains super cute.

here are vintage curtains made into dresses!
One of these would do they are works of art!

blue bird
Love the cat.
such a cute grouping together.

this has a more glamorous look...

Love the paper top..


  1. I just love that first one - the pink one (of course) Have you seen Betsey Johnsons apartment where she uses different colored cancan slips and lacy garmets on her window. Drool!!!!

  2. I'm exactly the same, I consider a beautiful dress a piece of art and and it should be displayed as such, my daughter is always buying the most amazing dresses and I always hang them... the ever changing gallery.

  3. I love those first three dresses. That's a great idea to use a vintage dress as a curtain, fun!