Wednesday, April 28, 2010

50's style

These lamps
I'm in awe.
this is really all you need
and a microwave.

love the stove and floor.

Everything would taste better
cooked in a kitchen this Happy!

check her out cooking in a dress and heels
I'm usually in my pj's by then!

I would be happy with my weight on a scale like this.
It has a kind face
Don't you think!

I don't know which one I like more.

check out the chase in the bathroom.
the carpet though with boys,
I'd need an outhouse for some of there friends!

this is FUN.

What can I say I love pink.

All these photos looked so happy and cheery to me.
These photos remind me of June Cleaver,
in the kitchen cooking!

photos from
us girl
retro renovation
my mudd hut


  1. Love the third picture!! I could live in that lovley :)

  2. LOVE the '50s!! These are great images! Thanks for sharing!

  3. ooh I love all these pictures…. I want a kitchen like that… and fancy curtains in my bathroom!

    Victoria xxx

    PS Mum and I stopped outside the Met and had our picture taken on the steps like in Gossip Girl but that was all.