Friday, March 18, 2011

Signs of Spring in a tree

All pretty in pink!
It was 40 degrees at our home today

Miss Mimi in a tree

We tried to decorate a tree for Easter .

George up a tree if only he could talk he'd say
Get me down now!
the back of the house... we still have a lot snow
but it's Melting.....

My Mom just called me to say
Do you have nothing better to do than
hang things in a tree?
Maybe I am losing it


  1. It is looking warmer! And I love your enamelware birds.

    It's not often you see a poodle person perched in a tree. He looks confortable, which doesn't reaaly surprise me with those dogs.

  2. Love all of your pretty snow and Easter fun!

  3. Oh, Heidi, this post just tickled me. First Mimi in the tree, then George, all your things hanging on it! Very inventive and creative! I love the first picture, too. What a great post.

    Yes, I did see the cinnamon rolls and bread. I showed Leonard and his knees just about caved in when he saw the rolls. Blessings, Diane

  4. 45 degrees in Douglas today! Spring is on the way!

  5. go for it
    a little lot
    of quirk
    goes a long way
    to brighten up
    any day


  6. Ha..I love your things in the tree!
    Have a nice weekend Heidi!

  7. Just like a Mum eh? Keep your feet on the ground!
    I love all the enamelware hanging in the tree, it seems like a joyful expression of release from winter at the signs of spring - do something happy!Mimi certainly seems ot be enjoying it as does George.
    George is so cute!!! Darling little bundle of fluff - in the second picture he looks just like Logan, but Logan doesnt have Georges "beard"!
    Hope the thaw continue for you!!!
    Gill x

  8. Ha! Your mom sounds funny :) I've never heard of decorating an easter tree!

  9.! All those goodies in your tree..and what a gorgeous girl, lucky you!

  10. Heidi,
    You are one in a million, your always making me smile! Give Mini and George a big hug for me. Creative should be your middle name.
    Love you all!

  11. Oh looks so cold where you are, the sun is shining here in Ireland and there is a little chill in the air. Love your easter tree :) I wonder why your computer won't let you comment on my blog- strange! Hope your having a nice weekend.

    All things nice...

  12. Looks like you are having a very festive spring break!!

  13. Beautiful pictures Heidi!
    I love all your things on the tree, and yours Mimi and George are wonderful!
    Big hugs to you!
    Laura (Heidi is only the nick)

  14. I love your Bon Bon's comment! George looks like he is humiliated and Mimi looks like a rodeo star! Too Funny!

  15. I love your decorated tree! Very inventive!