Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little cleaning and Daydreaming...

I went home after church last night

with my parents and had a sleepover.

at 42 I still enjoy a good sleepover!

so this morning we started

cleaning getting the lodge ready.I don't want to get my hopes up


I just can't help myself.

I'll take pictures of the inside of the lodge tomorrow tell me what you think....but as for now I'm relaxing and strolling through you guessed it Anthropologie.... How amazing are these nooks.


  1. Lovely shots from Anthropologie. I'm glad you enjoy spending the night at your parents, that's so nice, I bet they love having you. Blessings, Diane

  2. I just know it will all go well...I have been praying, even in the shower (I do alot of praying then). Will you let us know how it goes? Have a good rest. xo

  3. I wish you good luck, fingers crossed! These pictures are so lovely..

  4. well, i'm certainly loving that pouf in image #1!

  5. Gorgeous images. I say you are never too old to have a sleepover at your parents' house!
    Pam x

  6. lovely images to daydream over ;0)x

    im sooo full of the dreaded lurgy that i have a tissue attached to my nose hehehe ;0)
    and coughing like a smoker too ;0(
    ( i have never smoked)
    i wish it would leave me be...i feel heady n shivery in fed up....its my giveaway announcement i need to sort that out....
    Thanks lovely heidi for the cheer up images,
    excited about your lodge woohooo xxxxxx

  7. Sleepover's are always fun no matter how old you are! lol

    Good luck hope everything goes well.

    Those pictures are just dreamy.

    MBB X

  8. oooohhhm what a beautiful place and such lovely photo's, sleep overs are great no matter how old you are ;-)) my fingers are still crossed for you. have a great weekend, dee x

  9. Lovely pictures Heidi!
    I wish you a nice weekend!

  10. Is it lodge time already?? Gosh the years fly by, love Posie

  11. Sleepovers are wonderful!;) I cant wait to see your photos~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  12. Anthropologie.. They get me every time.
    I need to catch up with your blog!I am falling behind in everything!

  13. Keeping everything crossed for you Heidi. Can`t wait to see the pics. Have a great weekend. x

  14. Hi Heidi,

    YOUR PARCEL ARRIVED TODAY :-)!!!! I am so happy and amazed with everything you put inside. It all so beautiful; the pink enamel jar, the vintage table cloths, the porcelains bowls!

    It felt very special receiving the box today with all the beautiful things inside. Oh Heidi, it must have cost you a fortune. I just saw the amount of postage......I will have to send you something else in return :-)! I will send you a mail!

    Your photo's of Anthropologie look great. Just my taste!!!

    Thank you very much & a happy weekend!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  15. A sleepover sounds perfect...hope all goes well x x x x x x x