Friday, March 25, 2011

A post about.....nothing!

This weekend
starting today

I feel like rearranging rooms

Amanda from Stinkpot gave me some
inspirational books
to look through and now
I'm game for some change....

I won a discount playing over at
Odd and Old so I picked out some
of her lovely art....I can't wait!
so after we go to the TAX man this morning

I'm ready to get my re-do
groove on!
and change things around...
I'm going to go over and raid the store for fresh items.
bring in some new chairs...
I wish I had flowers springing up all over in my yard
like the rest of you...
Someday soon though....
I'll show you my changes Monday.
Have a super weekend.


  1. How fab are all your plates and kitchen things, have fun! and have a great weekend
    love Jane x x x x x

  2. So nice to get that pesky 'tax' time of year put behind you. Have fun with your project and have a great weekend.

  3. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day, taxman aside!!! Have a blast.

  4. I look forward to seeing what you do with all of your lovelies! Happy spring mama!

  5. i love all the colours in your home- A colourful patchwork of treasures- i adore your home ;0)

  6. Have an amazing refreshing weekend!

  7. You may not have spring flowers outside but you certainly have spring going on inside!!! Look at all those gorgeous bright flowery colourful china and rugs ( i love that rug of yours!!)and lovely green chairs!!!!
    And thats before you've started your re-do!
    Cant wait to see what you get up to!
    Gill x

  8. Wooh, lovely tin-ware and gorgeous cushions! Fab :) Look forward to seeing it all re-arranged - have a great weekend, Heidi! Abby x

  9. have the most awesome home! So bright and colourful! I love the painted enamel....mega gorgeous!

    I hope that you have fun re-arranging bits and pieces.....I get a lot of fun out of that!....and have a fab weekend!


  10. Sounds like your going to be busy, Enjoy the weekend

    All things nice...

  11. Oh, I can hardly wait till Monday to see all your changes!!! Have a super great weekend...don't overwork yourself!!
    Chris :o)

  12. Dear Heidi,

    your collection of bowls is fantastic - where do you found them? I see your pastelblue enamel coffeepot on the first pics - can you imagine that I have an enamel bucket with exactly the same colour and pattern? What a surprise!
    The post about the dollhouse items is so beautiful. Sometimes I see such items on ebay but a little more pricey.
    The pictures in my posts are from our house. My husband and I bought it 3 years ago. And my parents-in-law live with us in this house. I love them deeply because they are very generous and friendly.
    It is so silly that I´m not able to add a translator to my blog. I try a translation from the spring-post: My little black Rambo is always playing a little game. He walks into the kitchen and brought a piece from his food into the living room. Then he put it on the floor. Zorro, my white one, wants it and at the moment he goes to the food little Rambo sprints and grab it and eat it. Zorro never has a chance to get it. But some days ago (Rambo was playing his little game again), Rambo was distracted and Zorro run to the food and ate it. Rambo was surprised. Rambo was looking and thinking and walking through the kitchen again. I said to my husband now he is doing the same. Oh no! He brought a piece of food, goes directly to Zorro and eat it in front of my white Yorkie. Zorro was looking so silly and we laughed so much. I swear, Rambo grinned! He is such a funny little dog. And if I´m distracted, he jumps on the chair then on the table and drinks out from my coffee pot! Little stinker!

    (I hope you understand my bad english - I´ve learned it so many years ago in school).

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    your friend Tanja

  13. Oh, I forgot: I make the mosaics with "photoscape". The download is free and I found it the program via google. Photoscape has many possibilities to change colours and to create effects and mosaics. I´m not very good in this things but photoscape is a very easy program. You should try it and I´m sure you have fun.

    Please, let me know if it works for your blog.

    Hugs and kisses,

  14. Oh Heidi,

    I´m surprised again! I had a look to your etsy shop and found under the sold items your blue Vintage French Religious Plaque. I think I have two very similiar plaques. I found them for 1.- euro. Please have a look at my post from the 29. december 2010 - there you can see them. Do you think they are the same? The measure from your plaque fits to the measure from my two plaques. I´m very interested in your opinion!

    Hugs and kisses again,

  15. I love those bowls! Sounds like so much fun to rearrange and have a store to draw from. Your pictures look fantastic. Diane

  16. Oh I love a bit of re-arranging! Your pictures are just heavenly, such beautiful, beautiful things..

  17. You have so many great plates and bowls and things. And then a shop!

    I can't wait to see how everything is rearranged ... maybe you'll inspire me.

    Do the kids take part?

  18. Good morning Heidi,

    I couldn´t have better parents-in-law and I´m thankful for that.
    Yesterday I mustn´t work and we had a great day together. I have no plant boxes for my balcony and I´m dreaming of white and pink petunias but had no boxes. I hate the ugly plastic boxes from the garden shops. So we drove to Ikea and my father-in-law bought me 20 (!!!) zinc flower pots in piggy pink (!!!). He said with a big smile in his face the pots are looking so crazy that they are beautiful and they fit perfectly to our balustrade balcony which is coloured in a shade of brownish pink.
    My husband was amused and said oh my good the neighbours will think we are going completely crazy and will always looking to our balcony. And he said I have ever known that I married a barbie doll.
    After that we had coffee and so yummy cake in a sweet outdoor coffee shop which is included in a beautiful gardening market.
    A great day with lots of warm and sunshine and lots of laughing.
    Today I must work at the afternoon but tomorrow I will spend my time with my husband.

    It would be wonderful to live in the near of you - I´m sure we would have much to laugh together.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear,

  19. You have some of the most amazing items in your home i love your style and colour choice. You make me want to turn my house around sometimes. enjoy your weekend, dee x

  20. the little sugar pot is by 'Bursley ware, england'...looked it up said around 1920's- not sur how old my little thrifty find is though ;0) only paid 50p hehe x

  21. "Nothing"...what a swearword!!! You've the most amazing bits in Blogland!
    Thank you for your comment about my garden, sorry for not visiting/commenting so often, I'm having hard times at work and can't blog much.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  22. Loving all your sweet vintage dishes today. I was at anthropologie and saw that cute little lemon shaped container with the little blue birdie on top and almost bought it...ADORABLE! Happy day to you. xoxo

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