Sunday, March 27, 2011

I need your opinion?

Looks so much better already I painted the shelves

white along with the paneling

before they were a kind of cream color.

and now this is where I need help,

what color should I paint the bottoms

I'm sticking with my blue walls because I just

painted them last year.......

what do you think??

Phil was out in the shop till after 10pm last night so being tired I had finished painting and crawled into bed... see this wall without a hood vent.... He was out building this for me so today he will install it and I can paint it.... I'm so excited. the new Romantic homes had this featured in it its from a historic home in Sweden! I'm going to keep all my spices in it! last year I got a bee in my bonnet and ripped the top shelf down so that dark strip had bugged me and I meaning Phil cut the shelf back from the sink down to... here's what I moved into the wall in the kitchen the cabinet out of the bathroom, it fit perfectly. someday I will get cabinets on this wall but as busy as we are I know its going to be awhile so this will tied me over until then. some much needed storage! this is how I had the wall before, I'll show better pictures after I'm done! here's the before cabinet in the bathroom...
I had wanted this one in the kitchen but it would not fit

on my wall but it looks great in here

change is always good!

I have had a busy two days, phew!

please let me know what color your thinking

for the base cabinets????

I can't wait to show you the finished



  1. so there's just RED and creamy yellow to choose from. and having typed RED is capitals means you are leaning towards... RED?
    red for sure is daring. then again i take it you're a daring girl. what kind of red? hot red, or natural, or ox red as in burgundy?
    probably better a fiery colour than drab creamy yellow? jeez

  2. I think, White. I know, I can hear moaning about "boring" but your dishwasher is white and so is your stove. It would be a clean slate to add whatever accent colors you choose. Have fun!!

  3. I'm sorry to say . . . I agree with SherriB. Shocking huh? White!

    I think that a white kitchen looks so clean - especially with that baby blue wall! Then shocks of colorful dishes, bowls and cups on the countertop and shelves. and a colorful tea towel too!

    It looks like you've been having so much fun! I love it!

  4. I love the color it is, it reminds me of jadite but the dishwasher is a drag, that will be the design problem. I covet the sink and the sweetness of that old kitchen.


  5. Looking good! White, I reckon too - with lots of (your) colourful things about. Have a good week. Just off to see Gerard Depardieu in his latest film. Abby x

  6. I would go with a darker blue shade from the wall. I love your shelves I wish I didn't have cabinets! Cannot wait to see what you pick!

  7. You really have been busy!!! I have no idea what to tell you to paint the bottom of your kitchen, I'm so bad at that. If it were me I would just go with all white because I'm boring like that :)
    And thanks for sharing your thoughts on the feminism post - it was interesting to hear! I never thought about it being awkward to dress really fashionable in Alaska - but I guess it is the same in my village since it's mostly older people and teens - you see way more style in the bigger cities for sure.

  8. Hi Heidi First of all thank you for your very sweet comments on my blog.
    I would go for white or the blue from the cabinet.
    Have a nice day,

  9. Hi there, I found your blog via A mermaids Purse.
    I actually like the cupboards as they are. As for a new colour, I think a deep blue, as Willy says, like the cabinet, would be good. I love the cabinet. Tracy

  10. I was going to say a kind of duck egg blue, but then your walls are blue. You could go white but you will need lots of colourful items on your shelves to bring it to life. Also white would look nicer with a darker worktop. I think you could go with white though as your wooden floor would look lovely with it :)

    All things nice...

  11. Oh dear Heidi..I really don't know..I'm not good in chose colors for the walls...that's why every wall is white here ;o)
    Have a nice week!

  12. I love the way your things look against the white, Heidi. White would be my choice. I love your cabinets, the one in the bathroom is heavenly and I can understand why you would want it in the kitchen. But don't ask me, colors make me crazy, I love them all. Hugs, Diane

  13. oh dear, far too difficult for me, I'm sure whatever you decide will look wonderful!

  14. oh how I love your sweet home is black..white and walls are almost that shade...very pale blue! White would be nice but I am thinking black..I know it sounds drastic but I just painted my china cupboard black with a light blue panel and it is lovely. I guess it depends how much there is to paint.

    I am sure whatever you pick will be lovely because that kitchen is soooooo adorable.

    Hugs and love to you

  15. Oooooh, I actually love the cabinet colour as it is.....however, I would say WHITE!!!!!!

    That way you can add a gorgeous splash of colour on the shelves, so it looks bright and cheery, and chop and change with different things to change the look when you fancy! Cath Kidston has a picture on her site of a kitchen in white and just bursting with accessories colour and it's awesome, I can't stop staring at it!!!!!

    I'm sure all the comments have now just confused you more!!!!!!

    Have a lovely day my friend!


  16. White kitchens look so clean and we all love immaculate looking kitchen but hard to maintain ...
    but red is such a happy color and is known to boost appetite...
    so there,
    If I was to chose I'd go for red.

  17. O My i love your bathroom to, your whole house is a delight on my eye i can tell you. Love your free standing cupboards. I have to say i love your green cupboard doors as they are but we all need a change from time to time. I have to say i love blue's, yellow and whites together and looking at your kitchen wear and bits and pieces, how about a nice yellow? dee x

  18. Oh goody! I can't wait to see more!!! Whatever you decide - it know will be gorgeous, Heidi!

  19. I`m going totally against the grain (pardon the pun)and can envisage a fabulous piece of gingham curtaining the base units - you wouldn`t need to paint them then...but that`s just me!

  20. I love your old free standing cabinets and think that the blue one which you moved from your bathroom is the perfect blu to paint your kitchen cupboards. ciao Alison

  21. Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for your encouraging words!! Oh Heidi, you did not send a new parcel to Holland, did you? I feel so bad about it..... It cost you a fortune!!! How can I make it up to you? I just had a look at the enamel pot. It is soooo beautiful!!! I look forward to it very much :-), but you should not have done it!

    Your kitchen looks great. I love the way it turns out. I cannot really advise you on the colour. Just do what you think is right. You have an excellent taste! Your cupboards with all the pots and pans look very inviting. I wish I could come along and see it all for myself!

    Good luck with the painting & decorating!

    Lieve groet, Madelief xox

  22. Veronica Delgado ArandaMarch 28, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    White!!! Plain $ simple, plus classic, I personally like it cus bring light to a the room, Alaska is so dark six months out oof the year ...

  23. I think you should go with white Heidi!!! White is going to make this kitchen even bigger and it will really let all your beautiful enamelware stick out. The other great thing about white is that you can change the mood really quickly with the seasons. You can always accent with a cute little raspberry colored curtain or gingham. You know whatever you do this is always going to be my favorite kitchen!!!
    Miss you, don't work too hard on this project, can't wait to see what Phil built you. Such a lucky lady to have such a talented husband around the house!!!
    Tried to post earlier in the day, but my phone had no bars showing
    Chris :o)

  24. I think they look good as they are but if change is due, I'd go white. With all your pretty enamalware it would be lovely!
    Your cabinet is gorgeous!
    happy decorating!
    Rachel x

  25. Wow...I love, love, love the open shelves your kitchen. The blue is also super stunning (they always say that blue is a relaxing, soothing color...perfect for a chillax kitchen :)). Looks like you have been one busy girl! I am tired just looking at the pics :)

  26. Hi Heidi!
    What a delicious dilemma!!!
    Am in agreement with several other bloggers - if it were mine, I would either stick with white, as white always looks so good especially with the pale blue walls and white above, and looks light and airy, or....if colour was required then the bluey colour on the glass cabinet is gorgeous, and would look lovely too. The contents looks lovely with flashes of red and white! With a touch of red accessories and your done!!
    But thats if it were me - whatever you decide will be lovely, and you have to go with what you feel is right for you and your style as its your lovely kitchen - the walls and shelves look great where you've painted them!
    Have fun deciding!
    Gill xx

  27. How exciting.
    I like the blue, but I personally would lighten it up a bit...

  28. I also think white. I am new to your blog and I am so glad that i found it! I think your kitchen is looking great. Excited to see the finished project!