Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Beautiful Tiffin

I have been in love with the tiffin vase for years
not knowing at first the name or company...
and when I would go on the road buying for the
shop I would always find one but of course
there would be a price but nothing else...

until one day there was a little label that said
tiffin glass company.

Mystery solved.
I love that
they come in all different colors.
(note to self ,clean the windows,yikes)
I also loved these glasses they are a pretty
green to a beautiful pink.
I also learned that they are tiffin.
this was my very first it looks black but in the light
It's a very deep purple.
for all the history
I love them!


  1. These are beautiful Heidi. I think I only had one Tiffin vase like that at my store. It was like your last one but it didn't have colors on it. It looked jet black but if you held it up to the window, like you say, it was a gorgeous purple. I don't remember how I finally figured out what the company was. Thanks for the memory this morning. Happy Day.

  2. Very pretty, Heidi!!! I love the pink & green combination in the glasses, because they remind my of my greatgrandmother's depression glass. :)
    Happy Spring!!!

  3. These are very beautiful and you have a big collection ;o)
    ...and isn't a hat it is a brooch ;o)
    Happy sunday!

  4. I've never heard of these! I love the shape. I agree these are gorgeous.

  5. I had not heard of this, so another new thing learned today.

  6. Hi Heidi there are so many lovely things to see in your house. These vases are so beautiful and a great composition together.
    Have a nice day

  7. oh pretty!!! i like that you can collect different colors..

  8. This is our door, we only have this to get into the house....but its gone now. We want to do it to a warm place. New windows and a new dobble door. And isolate the floor and the ceilings. Excuse me for the bad english

  9. pretty
    is there


  10. I learned a lot reading your post today. How many of these do you have ha, ha? Was so nice to see you and meet your friends the other day!!
    Love you!!
    Stay safe!
    Chris :o)

  11. do you ever see something beautiful but the price tag is a few pounds over what you'd like to pay- then you ummm and arrr and then go back to the shop and its snapped up by a confident rummager...well, that was me... i saw a lovely vase similar shape and size to your lovely collection of Tiffin glass, it was a pinky mist with rose pattern- ohh how i wished id just bought it...but at 10 pounds it seemed just a little too pricey for charity shop wares.

    love your delightful treasures heidi- you have so many exciting and beautiful treasures ;0)

    x kazzy x

  12. O wow those are stunning what gorgeous colours and to have them all grouped together looks amazing like that. dee xx

  13. What a wonderful collection! I do love the colours...those green ones are spectatular. Hugs for a great new week. xoxoxo

  14. So pretty!
    You'd be so much fun to shop with!

  15. Heidi I love your collection of Tiffin glass vases, they are so beautiful.
    I have never heard of them before, but i will look out for them now.
    Gill x