Friday, March 4, 2011

Signs of Spring !!!

Love this....maybe in another life...or I
guess I could strut around the house
while the kids are in school in this!!!
the poor moose though

I have Spring fever or sick of snow FEVER
Love this

I would love to have a warm
sidewalk to stroll on...

how sweet is he!
and this smashing hand candy!
this would take your eye off my poor working woman
hands....must remember lotion!
and these saucy little heels
I might trip and fall but I'd look good
going down!

a little more my style.
all of these were from my drooling
trip to my beloved
who else has a little
Spring Fever????


  1. Me too ...but here is no spring weather too...what a pity ;o)
    It cold but i can remember that I was -wearing a T-Shirt!!- sitting at the
    river at my home town at my birthday,..22 years ago *smile*
    Have a nice weekend ,Heidi!

  2. I think my mother had a two-piece like that when I was a little girl.

    I am so ready for spring, this has been a very odd weather winter...Way to wet, and for a native Pacific Northwesterner, that is saying something.

    Have a restful and enjoyable weekend!

  3. I would sooooo love a warm sidewalk to, so i could just get warm and wear all more lovely summer vintage dresses ;-)) My hands are so cold at the moment. I love that blue dress, and that little dog necklace is so cute and im loving that ring to. Im feeling a creative weekend coming on i haven't got my kids and im in the mood to make something im not sure what yet, when i get home im going to be looking at my fabrics ;-)) Have a great weekend yourself, dee xx

  4. Ha, that dog necklace is hilarious. Love it. What a conversation piece.

    Soon, soon spring will be here. hang in there.

  5. ME!!!!

    I love all these things, I love the background behind those saucy little heels too. Have a good day, Heidi. Hope the sun comes out and at least warms your face. Diane

  6. Hi Heidi,

    I so wish we had Anthropologie in Holland. I believe there is a store in London now. I will definetely have a look next time I visit. All the clothes you show us look nice. Love the little bag and the bikini!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. Oooh, now it's me that's jealous!! Love all of those. The bikini and the top are fabulous, and love the birdie bag! Lotil cream's great for hands - and cheap - can you get it there? Have a good weekend. Thanks for your comments, Heidi! Abby X

  8. Dear Heidi,

    in germany we have now sunny days but it is very cold. I want spring so desperately! The crocusses are still blooming now.
    The bag which you show is great - I want it! And the bikini and your coment makes me smile.
    Oh, so much I want to have. We need a bigger house! We live in the left side of a double house (do you know what I mean, because my english is not the best) and sometimes I say to my husband "come on and let us buy the right side of the house too because I need more space for my collections". Hubby smiles and call me crazy blondie, haha.

    A great passion of me is collecting and I collect many things - the floral decorated tins are one of it.

    This week I was very busy. I work in a senior hospital with people who have dementia. Some of the colleagues are ill now and so I worked for two and had less time. Tomorrow I must work 16 hours but on sunday I have free and have planned to visit a great antique flea in france. Hopefully I come home with lots of pictures and some treasures.

    I wish your a nice weekend
    and if you buy the bikini - show us your picture!

    Hugs and warm greetings,

  9. Heidi,

    Your hilarious!!! I think we should both buy that swimsuit and run through the woods this summer. The moose won't even notice, they'll be blinded by our light!!
    I love the the dachshund necklace and purse. So cute, they could compliment our swimsuits....maybe we should get those as well!!
    Love you...ha,ha!!

    Chris (who is also tired of old man winter)

  10. Not yet Heidi! I am loosing some weight so I can shop in my own closet!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I sooooo neeeeed to book a summer holiday so I have an excuse to start buying all the fabulous clothes I'm seeing in the shops at the moment!

    Victoria xx

  12. spring fever?
    no melt down here 'h'
    been bright and sunny
    a rare event here
    but still
    bleedin freezin!
    (thanks for your sweet support x)


  13. Oh yes lots of lovely pictures to get excited about there! I love those bikini's up the top, too cute!

  14. Hi Heidi ;o)

    Thanks for making a comment on my blog! I love to discover new blogs and am happy to have found yours and all the other cool and (to me) unknown blogs on your blog-roll.

    I hope spring will hit you soon :o)

  15. yes! i was gonna say, who's longing for summer already ???????????

  16. I wish summer would come to you! Alaska!! Of all places to be yearning for summer ... what is Anthropologie? Is it a store? I see a lot of people talking about it ... I'm at the bottom of the world, you know.

    Your taste is impeccable, you know.