Monday, March 21, 2011

Calling for a few Prayers....

Some of you who are new to my blog don't know that every
summer for the last....well almost 20 years.
My husband and I along with my brother
work at my parents fishing lodge.
We have two locations one on the main side and one
across the inlet in a remote area.
But as some of you know that we have been trying to sell
the main lodge for 2 years now so my parents can retire.
Some locals heard the news and
stopped by to leave their well wishes.
We have someone flying up on April 1st
to look at the lodge.

The only problem is this winter the natural springs
have been so terrible for ice.
My parents have to go over this on this steep hill
and the drop off is 30ft. if they go over.
yesterday they said it's even worse.

Just driving on the beach is bad enough
but they have that steep treacherous hill to get up after.
So pray for WARM weather so we can even get the potential buyer
in to see it....
They have quite a view the mornings
and evenings.

The rough days are the ones I love to watch....

This is who they want to retire with...

Do a little of this....this is my brother.
enjoy this with a glass of wine every night.

Thank goodness we will still be able to Halibut fish
this is something I take for granted
fresh fish!
So the thought of not having to cook for the first time,
not having to hear that 3am alarm all summer.
my parents can finally enjoy themselves without all
the pressure of running two places and they can
finally go on their trip to Denmark and Norway after
50 years....
Please Pray they just fall in love with it.....
for more lovely photos.
April 1st is the day!

My next post I can't wait to show you all
this beautiful
dollhouse enamelware.
this kettle you can take home for only


  1. I will pray Heidi. I have just put a post-it note on my computer monitor. I put all my prayer notes there, so many, many times a day a say prayers for those special needs.

  2. Hej Heidi

    What a wonderful place KING OF KINGS...
    I'm on my knees already...
    I pray that everything goes well.
    Plus 7 degrees and an AVALANCH of snow came off our house roof today...I am keeping the dog inside. Everything is melting rapidly...
    ROLL ON Spring and S-U-M-M-E-R!

  3. I will send lots of good thoughts their way, but wow, who would not love that amazing view!!!

  4. I will pray, because we a trying to sell our business as well. It is so hard to sit and wait!

    Every person that comes to have a look you hope it the one.

    That driveway is so horrid I will pray that it melts.

    Your parents deserve a break!


  5. You have my prayers in this, Heidi. I can understand that beautiful as this place is sometimes you're ready to slow down and let someone else have it. It's time, I'ms sure, for all of you. Blessings and prayers.

    The wildlife pictures are incredible and so is that moon. Have a great day. Diane

  6. Wow firstly i want to say what a beautiful wonderful location to live forgetting the harsh weather conditions the views and the wildlife is breath taking. I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed for you all. dee x

  7. How could they not fall in love, I DID!!!!

    xo, Rochelle

  8. Good luck to you and your folks! Oh please oh please oh please!!!!

    I love all of the pictures. Love them.

    How does Wednesday sound for a little lunch or something?

  9. Looks like a very special place run by very special folks - praying from this side of the world right at ya, Lady.x

  10. I will remember you in my prayers

  11. unbelievable
    so wild
    to this
    crossing fingers
    for you all
    (and me, isn't
    easy selling)


  12. Oh I so hope it goes well. Sending them prayers and good vibes.

  13. It looks amazing but I can see how that could be hard work, I am crossing everything, which is making typing tricky...good luck x x x x x x

  14. Oh my goodness ... I have to race off and get brwakfast.

    What an incredible environment in which you live. I thought those were fake fish hanging upside down! They're not!

    Fingers crossed and prayer that the buyer sees the potential of that wilderness! Amazing. Alaska.

  15. Stunningly beautiful photos! I hope the right buyer will turn up soon :o)

  16. Well don't I feel bad for complaining about our chilly temperatures! And I won't even mention how the UK ground to a standstill in December due to (in comparison to yours!) pathetic snowfall!

    Victoria xxx

  17. I will pray that the ice melts and the road will be safe for the visit! Your pictures are so beautiful, I can't imagine that the potential buyers won't fall in love with it!

    When your folks retire, they can come and visit us in Douglas!

  18. Heidi, you and your parents are now in my prayers!!! I hope they will be able to sell the lodge. It looks wonderful, but I'm sure it's a ton of work. 20 years wow, I'm impressed!!! Thats a lot of summers my dear girl!!!
    Their lodge looks like such a beautiful place, who would not want a piece of Gods land!!!
    Keep the faith, we are all praying for you and your parents!
    Chris :o)

  19. May all their dreams come true! Thaw Thaw Thaw!

  20. I will keep your parents and their situation in my prayers my friend~ Hugs,Rachel ;)

    French Farmhouse 425

  21. Wonderful place! i'll pray for you.

  22. Oh Heidi,..I'm sorry, I didn't read this post yesterday, oldest son got sick so I stopped surfing earlier ;o)
    I hope that you get warmer weather and wish the best for the planning for your parents!!
    Here is between 55 en 62 I spend sometime outside to clean the balcony ;o)
    Wish you the best!

  23. What a beautiful place! I wish you much luck and some of our warm weather.

  24. What a beautiful place your parents have, the setting and views are spectacular!
    But a lot of hard work too from what I can see, so I do hope that everything works out well with the viewers - will keep my fingers crossed for them!
    Good Luck!!

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