Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Candy Copycat am I

Everyone always does these lovely posts with candy
and goodies...
and they always look so sweet

So today I tried myself and became a
(Chris look how pretty they look!)

although I must say they don't look as decadent
as the professional blogs

I have to say while Mom was having fun
the vultures were swarming around me
Why would a Mom buy candy just to take pictures of it
this was just plain stupid...

But I had my fun and I set it on the highest shelf
and said none till tomorrow.....

I hope your week is off to a sweet start!


  1. I love all your images ... the spotty tea pot, the four-headed horse thing.

    I'm hoping you gave some lollies to your offspring!

  2. You are a better person than I. I had 8 peeps today!

    These pictures are all so colorful and tantalizing! YUMMY

  3. I LOVE your adorable teapots!;)And love all the colors~so cute! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post today too~ I am putting you on my blog roll~ Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  4. looks so cute and pretty...
    with a touch of whimsy...
    I'm lovin' it.

  5. Morning, i love these posts to ;-) Wow you have some colourful candy no wonder the kids were hanging around ;-)) I love your yellow rose teacup and saucer and the pink glass cake stand. I love all of it but those 2 stood out for me. I tell you what all these gorgeous colours and florals and pretty things and homes that are around on blogland make me almost want to go shabbychic instead of vintage retro. Have a lovely week, dee x

  6. beautiful eye candy- oh my heidi mumma- wowza you really know how to brighten my morning!!!!!
    love the images- love the retro feel...sweets yum!!!! hehe x

  7. Love the polka dots! Mmm eye candy...those table cloths....I think you could have let the vultures have their candy, no one will actually look at that! Have a great week!

  8. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Such cool piccies!

    Laughing at the kids chomping at the bit to eat the goodies!!!!!!

    Have a super duper day!


  9. the darn pros have
    us all licked
    with their
    superior interior shots
    but still these
    are real cute heidi
    love your spotty kettle
    (ps coathanger
    you won
    for what it's worth haha)


  10. Haha, sweets any more in this house for the next months ;o)...
    Have a nice week Heidi!

  11. Beautiful photos!
    Patient little people!
    Love all your different displays,the reds are lovely and cheery, and I especailly like the one with the lovely yellow floral cup and teapot, and the green and white polka dot kettle - you have some beautiful things!!
    have a great day, and thanks for visiting my blog!!
    Gill xx

  12. divinos esos juegos de te,la taza amarilla me encanto
    feliz semana,saludos

  13. Those professional blogs have nothing on you, these photos are great!! Ha, I bet you did have vultures around but how fun for everyone..Have a great Monday.

  14. Checking in on you before I head off to work, and yay a post!!! As usual you made me smile! You know, all the candy and beautiful things in your kitchen are super sweet...but none as sweet as you!! Happy Spring Break, enjoy your kids. Had a great visit the other day, now you have to visit me this summer at the lake!!
    Chris :o)

  15. Looks pretty decadent to me - as well as really sweet and cute! I love all your things, too. Very "sweet" blog Heidi. Hugs, Diane

  16. Hi Heidi,

    Aren't we all copycats?! Love your display of sweets, porcelain and beautiful enamelware!!

    Have a great evening! See you again in two weeks time.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  17. Hello~ I just got your comment!Thank you :) I love egg baskets too~ Funny how cerain items can be so addicting! Hugs, Rachel Noelle

    French Farmhouse 425

  18. Dearest Heidi,

    your comment is so nice - thank you! I love old ironstone and I have photographed so many balconys that I could show all of them in a book - smile.

    To make little trips to france and switzerland is an absolutely pleasure for me. And I love to have a view in other countrys via blogspots. It is so interesting for me.

    Your pictures a pleasure too. The sweet teapots and the yellow cup with roses - so pretty. And the pink cakestand is really me - I love it. I had seen a similiar cakestand on ebay but i had no luck. I will find another one. (hubby, we need a bigger house!) Big grin!

    Next month we will move to the north of germany to visit my husbands grandma and stay for a week. I will come back with many pics from there.

    many hugs,

  19. Love your sweet sweet photos...they are wonderful. Your dishes make my heart happy.

    Welcome to the club...buying sweets to kids always laugh at me but then they get the candy to eat...a win / win situation if you ask me. Happy week. xoxoxo

  20. Adorable colours, oh feel like diving into your images. The 4 headed horse thingy, fabulous!! Love Posie

  21. candy-licious! You can dole it out as bribes and get sweet behavior to go with your sweet photos!
    Your house makes me want to have a tea party!