Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost there....

Were heading down God willing for
half a day and we will be done. Phew

We had to put all of their furniture back into place
yesterday and I had been so fascinated with his postcards
of Alaska. I had to share a few!

Look at these little cuties

the top picture and this photo
is from a famous lodge here in Alaska
and this is how there guests arrived
and the plane for sightseeing.
of course I forgot to get the name.
I will post it tomorrow.

Look at these horses.

Look at this ....I wonder if it was weather?

Now these guys look a little tough.
Have you noticed in all old photos nobody ever smiled.

I thought I'd share a little of what we had to do
we sanded the floors, this walkway
was a challenge.
Your probable wondering why I took a picture
of a moth.....well it's permanent in the floor.
We put four coats of gymnasium floor finish on
and this little guy must have landed
and just gotten sucked in.....
It's kind of cool but who wants a bug buried in there floor Finish
a boy maybe?
thank God the stove will cover him.
I'll post all the finished photos on Phil's Blog
of the kitchen next week.
Miss you all and I can't wait to sit tomorrow
morning with a pot of coffee, a quiet house
and catch up with all of you!!!!


  1. Love your old pictures, Heidi! Never see Alaska on this way ;o)
    What a beautiful walkway..and I like these bug in the floor ;o)
    Have a nice day!

  2. Heidi,I'm a little confused. Is this your new addition or is it somewhere else? I got the idea you were working on it somewhere else. I hear the northern lights were phenomenal last night. Did you see them? Diane

  3. This is a job that were working on and we had only 28 days to complete,we had to build all new kitchen cabinets and refinish there floors, so 80 hours a week for the last 4 weeks, were exhausted!!!!the worst part is the job is 75 miles from our home so alot of travel time. we hope to start back on our edition next week. After a day off or maybe two.

  4. boy what a slog
    lucky customer though
    unlucky insect!
    they say
    hard work never killed anyone
    not so sure
    you guys certainly deserve a rest
    (your absence has been felt)

  5. I love old postcards of our area too. I especially enjoy reading the notes on the back.

    Where does that walkway lead to heaven?

    I would love a moth in the floor, naturally :)


  6. Lovely old cards and pictures! You've done a great job in that house - the house looks fab! Poor moth! Hope you can relax a bit now :) Abby x

  7. The postcards are wonderful. Wow, the photo with the horses crossing the Copper River, that one is mind boggling! Have you ever seen the Copper River? Its a very silty river!!! A lot of people have lost their lives there. I loved the photo of the tourists riding to the lodge. Thats a really neat ride!
    Maybe I'm a little strange, but I really like the moth thats preserved under the varnish. For me he's a keeper!!
    Glad to hear that your almost done!!! Neat walkway....looks like you had some unusual spaces to work on!!! Almost done!!! Hang in there!!!
    Remember Spring Break starts for me this must come visit!
    Chris :o)

  8. They never smiled probably because they knew they had to fake being happy.

    Life would have been really hard.

    I love the old pics.

  9. ;-))) first im smiling about the moth bless him at least you have a unique floor ;-)))) I love those pictures especaily the family ones with the native indians i think they are, they send goose bumbs up my arms for some reason, really interesting pictures and so thought provoking, dee xx

  10. those post cards are so so neat, I like them a lot! and that bug in the floor is kind of cool!

  11. I love those old photos. The only thing I know about the Copper River (if it is the same cooper river) Is that everyone goes wild when the Salmon from there, goes on sale..but what a high price it is, yikes!

    You are real troopers working so hard on that job...get some rest when all done and see you soon.

  12. Hi Heidi,

    Those old photo's look fascinating. I din't know Alaska was Indian country too.

    Good luck with your hard work!!!!

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  13. I can't keep up with you ... I agree with Pink Satin Saches ... not much to smile about in Ye Olden Days ... such hard work ... a bit like your life! Stunning house you've just done, though.

  14. what a lot of hard work...but it looks amazing...thanks for sharing the postcards....hugs for a great weekend. oxxo

  15. I enjoyed seeing the pics, Heidi. Sanding floors is never any easy job, but the results are beautiful!
    By the way, I enjoyed reading your comment about living in a small house. If I could do it all over again, I would have preferred to raise our kids in a smaller home! :)
    Happy day to you & yours,

  16. yes! i was confused, like diane. i thought this was your heavenly extension, but i'm sure yours is going to be just as glorious. pictures!!!!
    i don't think the moth deserves a stove on top of its head now! moths are for major changes in life...