Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's just not Christmas if.....

Every year since Mimi was born I have bought her
an ornament from Anthropologie.
but this year I had to add these sweet
crocheted ornaments from

the frog, owl and fox.

I have had so much fun with
her little pink tree.

although I have to share
my Little Angel
had to sit out of an
activity in Gym
the other day because
she refused to pick a partner
because who she wanted to be paired
up with already had a partner.
We had a little talk....
I love this purchase
at Pier 1
this sweet owl mug
just makes my tea taste
a little better!
We all know I had plenty of time to shop
while stranded....
and scrabble!

and of course every year
I have to get the new Starbucks
Christmas C.D.
I love them all!
and last but not least
here is my beloved hard tack
Its not the holidays without
this and a little butter on top!
It has cardamon in it
so good!
What are some of your traditions?
P.s. It's so good to be home!!!!!!


  1. What's hard tack? A biscuit or pancake thing?

    And that tree is so cute! She has three!

  2. The little ornaments are adorable! Hmm..I don't know what hard tack is either, looks nice though. Tamara x

  3. hej Heidi
    I am glad you got home in safely
    There's no place like H-O-M-E ;-)
    Is the hard tack, like the Swedish Knacker Brod or Tunn Brod? I love it with Smor o Rodbets Salad.
    Your daughters pink tree is gorgeous ;-)
    Aren't you a lovely Mamma
    Happy December Days...

  4. I like the tree. I am still in Melbourne and will be here for Christmas.

  5. Mimi's tree is so beautiful, I like the little ornaments on the pink! I'm glad you got home, I bet you're just loving it. I don't know what hard tack is either but I'm sure it looks good. Again - I'm glad you got home. Diane

  6. So glad you made it back..I have never had hard tack but I love that you have such a beloved tradition.

    Also love the girly pink tree that you do up for your daughter, how fun!

  7. Welcome home!!! I love all those sweet tree ornaments & especially that you have bought one for mimi every year!One of our traditions, and one of my very favourites, is having a bedtime story every night from our treasured christmas book. It's enormous & we rarely get through the whole book before christmas, everyone has their favourite story which is often read over & over...

  8. Welcome home. I love those decorations wow the detail in them is beautiful bless her. What is tack is it like bread? one of our traditions is on Xmas Eve we send up a chinese lantern to remember people passed, and when the kids are in bed i read them the story "the night before christmas" its a beauty. Dee x

  9. Glad you got home safely!

    Love all the decorations, especially the knitted skate boot....utterly gorgeous!

    Have to say, not sure what hard tack is, but looks good and i LOVE cardamon!


  10. I think you are going to have to post a recipe for hard tack! I've heard of it but don't really know what it is either. Those decorations are fantastic. Our younger son is a Christmas baby (well 12 December) and I spent some time when I was in bed before and after his birth embroidering our family's names onto a felt ornament each. Those are really special ornaments now.

    Thanks for your comment about our Fair Trade nativity. I didn't mention the best bit - it is an advent calendar, with each piece numbered, so you take out a new character or 'prop' every day!

  11. Hi Heidi! We used to have hard tack at boarding school. Do you think it's the same thing? Aren't you a lovely Mummy, doing a special tree for your Girlie? I especially love the snail decoration! Loads of love, Amanda xxxx

  12. Welkom back to your home, Heidi!
    I love your pink tree with these lovely ornaments on in..the frog makes me smile...
    Wish you a happy weekend!

  13. and welcome home to you!
    so. that little ♥ to ♥ with little angel...
    i can so well imagine her disappointment.
    i hope you spanked the teacher though!

    now... hard tack...
    yes, please, full recipe, if you don't mind.
    as to our traditions? mhm... would have to think about it, a long, long time.
    oh! a strong cuppa coffee will do me fine, and a gateau merveilleux. mhmmmmmm... (although it's not really x-massy, it is really all-year-round-y)

  14. It's great to have you back! Love your ornaments how lovely?

  15. Your daughters Christmas tree is really lovely!
    All ornaments are so beautiful, I could not decide which I like most.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  16. Oh Heidi, I'm so glad you're back home and cosy again! I am so envious of the pink Christmas tree and all it's fab decorations - I think Mr Bun would finally evict me to the summer house if I set up a pink tree - he! he! But maybe when we have our adopted children I'll get to have a pink tree....?
    You've inspired me to go seek out the Starbucks CD I adore Christmas tunes!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Denise x

  17. Hey Heidi,

    Your home! I hope you had a good drive home. Your Anthropologie Deco looks so sweet. Your daughter is lucky to have such a sweet mother! I was wondering, has my envelope arrived yet? Your parcel hasn't arrived yet. Next week we have three days of postal strikes again, so it will probably take some time longer, yukk!!! I am so looking forward to it :-)!

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

    Wish you a happy weekend!

  18. As my nephews birthday is at the end of the Nov I have brought him a Christmas decoration the past 2 years.. I love the new tradition and the fact that by the time he moves into his home and has his own tree he'll have his own collection of decorations for it!

    Victoria xx

  19. Glad you are home again, Heidi! I love the little pink tree - adorable!
    I guess our favorite holiday tradtion is to make the same Christmas cookies & candies that have been in the family for generations - and enjoy eating them! :)
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  20. Mimi's tree is super cute and cheerful. I love's such a happy tree!!! I always buy my kids a Christmas ornament every year. I write their age on them, and if there is room a little message about something special that happened to them!