Saturday, December 4, 2010

What a Day I had....

My day started at 4:30 with the worst headache
and my Mom and I had hair appointments with
Sylvia which is always a highlight.
I had driven down to the lodge and picked up my parents
and was racing to make our 10am appointment.
when I got there I was feeling sicker than ever
and look what she gave me.....
Julie my very own pair of RED clogs
they are like walking on clouds!
I earlier had posted about these shoes in the spring.
check them out here!
then I had to go to the school last night
for the PTO
cash raffle drawing for $2,500
well I still had a ticket left in the pot
and they were down to 12 lucky tickets
and I won $50 and 6 cupcakes from Cold Stone!

and after I at 9:30 white knuckled it driving
home last night in freezing rain.
I had Corine follow me I was a little scared
a friend had dropped off for me
this little vintage ceramic tree.
Sooo Sweet!
What a Wonderful day and I had fab hair
on top of it all.....why can I never get my hair to look like
they do after all these years they are just
magicians in the hair department.
help me, what can I get her for Christmas?
Tomorrow I will be starting an
AMAZING giveaway
so check back and if your not a follower
follow along and double your chances.....


  1. Hope you got over your horrid headache..Those shoes are fabulous and did I get it right that your hairstylist gave you those? If so I wouldn't be able to afford a gift for her and the rest of my family too! he, he.

    Looking forward to your giveaway.

  2. Hi Heidi,

    Hope your headache is over. Would have loved to see your new hairstyle!!!

    The shoes look great :-)!

    Lieve groet & happy evening,


  3. I love those shoes! I was looking for a store locator, but could only find one for the States. They remind me of my summer Wolkies, which were the best shoes I ever had, but I couldn't succeed in that perfect fit in winter shoes. Maybe these Alegria's, but I have to try them first, so buying online to start with is no option. Great to hear that you had such a lovely day! Hope the whole weekend is at least just as good!

  4. Hej Heidi

    I LOVE your red Mary Janes/Clogs...they look soo comfy...the website is soo good soo much choice...
    Hope your feeling less stressed, well done on your winnings.
    It's such a pamper going to the hairdressers...can't wait to get mine done when I am in London...I agree with us your hair DO! DO please ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend

  5. Love your shoes! Hoop you feel better now...and I wol dlike to see your hair;o)
    Happy sunday!

  6. What a great day in the end! Fab shoes! And great that you won a raffle prize. AND a little tree! Hope the headache's gone - actually I've got a really bad one - maybe you've passed it on!

  7. Those shoes are darling. Hope you're headache went away. Busy day, sounds like you got a great haircut too. Diane

  8. The shoes, the cakes, the win and the tree! and good hair! please a photograph of you!

  9. Wonderful day! But that headache sounds gruesome ... they're incredible shoes! Definitely a photo of the new hair is needed ...

  10. Goodness, what a day!! The clogs look fantastic & i hope your hair made your headache better. They are magicians, i love a good head massage & shampoo when i get my hair done. I'm so overdue right now for a cut. Short hair, oh why are you so hard to maintain!!?? Love Posie

  11. Hej Heidi

    Really there are loads of things I can't do changle a plug or fuse, reverse our car into the garaged, get my boys to listen to the list goes on. Yes you will sew, knit, crochet...there really is no takes took me the summer to learn how to crochet I'd grab a quick 10 mins here n there, we spend an afternoon by the lake, I took my book, hook n wool and by hook or by crook I was determined to crochet after slogging it for nearly 4 hours I mastered it. I've knitted since I was a child, I spent alot of time with my nan who was an incessant knitter. Sewing...everything is heath robinson...completely experimental and made up as I go along...bought a sewing machine last year...Wonderweb...I also use that alot...much easier than sewing lol!

  12. Lovely shoes and super shinny ;-)) Sounds like a perfect day. Dee x