Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 Giveaways for 2 people!

I have a vintage Swedish giveaway
which includes a
vintage post card
vintage tablecloth
and a pair of candlesticks
all from Sweden.
I love this lot!

then the 2ND group
Antique German enamelware candle holder
2 vintage embroidered towels with teapots
and an embroidered Christmas kitchen towel
with a vintage post card
and a Beautiful linen cutwork tablecloth!
Now you can specify or enter for both
just leave me a detailed comment
and remember if your a follower
you double your chances of winning
Good Luck!
Giveaway will end on the 11Th of December.


  1. OOH Heidi am I the 1st lol!
    I am up too early on a Sunday!
    Fantastic Giveaways...
    Please may I enter for the Vintage German giveaway...
    And I am already a stalker
    Have a lovely Sunday

    P.S. Happy 2nd Sunday in Advent

  2. Oh that looks amazing, i'm loving the red goodies, but wow, the embroidery is pretty impressive!! Love it all, love Posie

  3. I think I would be quite insane if I didn't enter and say those Swedish candlesticks are just the grooviest things with candle-holding ability.

  4. wow wow wooooowwwww!!!! oh pleeeeeeasy enter my namey kazzy wazzy wooo!!!! such a lovely giverway heidi ;0)xxxx

    p.s id be quite happy with the 1st or seccond...

  5. Bonjour Heidi, how kind of you to have such a lovely give away. I'm especially fond of the second one. Have a great Sunday!

  6. Hi - am thrilled to have found you. Please may I enter both (does that seem greedy?) If so and had to choose one the the beautiful red goodies

  7. I am greedy I know but I can be forgiven surely because its beautiful stuff you are offering for your giveaways.

    Can I be counted for both. I follow you on GFC

  8. Oh wowzer, love them both! I am a total Swedish lover, but I adore enamelware and embridery so what's a girl going to do?!!!!!!!!

    Gosh, whoever wins these beauties will be envied by many!!!

    Hope your day is a fabby one Heidi!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Lots of pleading going on here so here`s one more - I would love to win the Swedishware since I`ve recently come over all Scandinavian!Good Luck Everyone. x

  10. OOhhh the second lot is so me...I'd love to enter please!xx

  11. Oho..what a nice give away! I like to go for the first one..loving swedish stuff ;o)
    Wish you a nice sunday! Don't forget to mail your address..cookies are waiting for you ;o)

  12. Hello,
    Just love what you are giving away,
    Both of them are lovely.
    Just adore them both.
    You choose for me.
    If I win of course.
    Thanks for this opportunity .

  13. LOVE the 2nd lot. I'd love to enter, please!

  14. What a sweet giveaway!! I'm partial to the first batch as I have a red kitchen, but those tea pot towels are sweet sweet sweet!!! Can't choose! LOL!
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Lori Lynn ♥

  15. Oh, how lovely! If and only if you are prepared to post abroad, I'd love to be entered for the first set, please. I have two adorable little red wooden candle sticks and now I can see that they are probably Swedish! I'd love to win some companions for them if you're going international, please.

  16. You know I love the whites, Heidi, especially the enamelware candleholder. So enter me for that one. Good luck on your giveaways and have a wonderful day. Diane

  17. good to see you're back safe and sound and hopefully in the warm 'gloves off'!!! love the enamelware candleholder; you beat me to the followers giveaway darn; i'll have to think of a trumping twist. x...

  18. Hello, thank you for your lovely comment! I would love to enter please.

    Lou xxx

  19. Thanks for your comment on my new home :) My dad is also helping with the new home so we're very alike. Oh a lovely giveaway lovely items, you are so generous :) Hope you had a nice weekend :)

    All things nice...

  20. Oh my goodness, everything there is just delightful!
    Well done on surviving a weekend of sleppovers, boy you are one good mama! I hope you've managed to catch up on a little lost sleep too...x

  21. Hello there, thanx so much for stopping by. Can I just say I love you picture up top very cute indeed!! I would love to be entered for the Swedish bundle... Firstly I ADORE the table cloth I mean it was made for my breakfast table on Christmas morning! The card would go on my pin-board! and the candles well they would be pride place in my sewing room xx

  22. What a lovely giveaway. The Swedish reds look so Christmassy.

  23. I love both sets! And thanks for the heads up, I was gone all weekend and am just catching up :) you are so kind!

  24. I too love both sets!!
    I follow you!

  25. I have been so busy! I sure have missed some great posts by you! I can't believe how many I missed.

    I guess that happens when you don't go on the computer.
    Your daughters tree is so adorable with all those knitted ornaments.
    The shoes are too cute and the snowman on the tea towel....

    I guess I have to keep up on everyones post because one can sure miss alot!

  26. Heidi, your giveaway is lovely. So fantastic things you are giving away! I would really like to win the German lot (but love the Swedish gift as well :-)). I have three times tried to be a follower, but I'll have to try again. It's not working :-)

    All the best!

  27. Hi Heidi... so good to meet you today; your blog is wonderful (smiles; you will see mine is very short). I will try to "follow" you if I can figure it out! LOL -- AND, will remember to send the lefse recipes soon. Karen

  28. OK, Heidi, I give up... how do I sign up for the second "giveaway" -- it takes me right back here! Well, hopefully I am in both and I also became a follower... Soon you will have more "time" on your hands. I love your shop. K

  29. Oh I get 2 chances!! I love them both. I am such a red girl but the snowman towel is AMAZING!!! I'll go with what ever I win ;) Hope you are having a great Christmas!
    Hugs, Lisa

  30. *~*Wonderful giveaway and wonderful blog too!! ;) Hugs, Rachel~*~*~

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  31. Please enter me in your giveaway. I have my great grandmothers candlestick that holds three candles that matches yours. Thanks!

  32. Dear Heidi,
    you are absolutely right : I have to join your giveaway :)
    The candle holders are great and so typical swedish - I Love them!
    Have a cosy Christas Season,

  33. OOoh Heidi thank you so much for letting me know. I'm afraid I've been away for a couple of days so I'm totally behind on your lovely blog. Hope you are keeping warm M x

  34. Hi Heidi,

    I almost forgot to take part in your giveaway. Can I still join in ? I see it's already the 11th of december. Hope I am not too late....

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  35. Hi Heidi,

    Me again :-)! Fogot to mention that I love the things your giving away!!!

    xxx Madelief