Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm in love with.....................

If you could jump in and live in a page it would be in this one!
Look at this adorable hair clip there
were more but Mimi hustled off with these pretties
and has had them in her hair
since they arrived!

How amazing is this

and this mercury collection

Love love love this

Check out my new God Jul
napkins....pinch me!
Christine and Vicki also have given
me such beautiful napkins.
they will be featured in my basket

Love this huge mirror and all the goodies.

all these images are so inspiring

Look at this sink!
Thank you to Madelief and Julie
For all these lovelies and these
amazing inspirational
magazines only there magazines are more like books!
Now I just hope they receive there parcels shortly
I don't understand when you mail something
and the post office says 7-10 days
and were going on over a month
now or more it's frustrating!


  1. Hej Heidi
    You are very welcome, my pleasure and I am really looking forward to receiving my swap too. I had a notification arrive 2 days could be here, but I know the post in Europe has been quite bad with all the transportation problems, as soon as I get it I will let you know and THANK YOU for swapping ;-)

  2. These really are pretty things Heidi. It's great to have things like that to inspire you. Happy Day! Diane

  3. Wow - lovely pictures. I'm delighted with a British magazine that Lemonade Kitty sent me - isn't blogging fun? Our swap was held up by snow in Paris and England. Has that been part of the problem for you too?

  4. postal service aaargh don't get me started!
    some 'fantabulous' images here heidi and less fantabulous is the fact that unless there is a 24 hour miracle you are going to win by 1!!! (and that after i cheated and 'followed' my own blog; oops darn, hush my fingers. got carried away there!) and finally rod ain't at all bad, am a sucker for a broken voice x...

  5. Oh what lovely images and lovely inspiration. They look like beautiful magazines. Wishing you all the best for the new year

    All things nice...

  6. Kat from the blog Princess and The Pea wrote me that their mail is so messed up that they haven't gotten Christmas gifts and the people that they sent to haven't received theirs and she found out that hers was in a warehouse in Scotland and she may not get it for months! I told her I couln't even imagine what would happen here in the States if that happened...well it wouldn't, the people would have a fit I think.

    I love that kitchen with the wood next to the stove, I can almost feel the heat from it right now.

  7. A happy new year! A beautiful 2011!

  8. Happy New Year Heidi, thank you for being such a good friend in 2010 and hope it continues in 2011,

    Victoria xx

  9. Hello Heidi
    I love the images in your magazines! A dream of an advent calendar (maybe next time?) and like you, I adore mercury glass (I'm waiting for 2 mercury candlesticks to arrived in the post!).
    I hope you have a very Happy New Year with much fun and good times,
    Denise x

  10. Happy New year to you too...Warmest Wishes Em x