Monday, December 20, 2010

3 days left for LDG !

We got some fresh snow this morning and at 9:30 it's not quite light yet.
This morning I snapped a few pictures and looking at them
it looks like I'm pretty packed.

All my display cabinets are sold, almost!

I have only 3 days left.....

I have been very happy with my decision to close
and I'm excited about my next adventure!

But I know,
at 6pm Wednesday evening I will probably
cry a little.
I'm going to miss alot of people!
Thank God
I have all of YOU!


  1. Yes it will be sad but it will be a new chapter in your life with all sorts of projects you will be able to start...And yes, you will always have all of us.

  2. You will miss your little shop but you'll miss your customers and their regular visits. But life moves on - on to other things. Happy day! Diane

  3. You're closing your shop? What will you do next? Abby

  4. Wishing you all the best in your new adventures. I am sure that you have made the right decision. Tamara x

  5. O wow what a gorg shop you have some amazing stock. What is your next project going to be? Good luck with what ever it is you are going to do. Have a lovely christmas also. Dee x

  6. Of course you'll cry!

    Oh, what a beautiful shop ... but you'll fiind that the next venture will be just as exciting and better. Look at all your stock! What a treasure trove. And that Alaskan snow, my goodness!

  7. Oh that will be sad, but you know when you've made the right decision. My goodness I can't stop looking at all that treasure in your sweet shop, I keep scrolling back up, what a little piece of heaven. Your snow looks so delightful, ooooh lucky you!

  8. yes you'll cry, but we're all here for you and with you.
    How proud you must be of your resoloution and determination to see it through.
    When the time is right things fall into place so well, and obviously the time is now right for the next wonderful part of your life to begin without the shackles of the shop.
    YAY! Even I'm excited!!

  9. Oh I'm sure you will find another amazing something ;o) But I should cry too...lives moves on...
    I do my fingers crossed for you!

  10. Best wishes for tomorrow. A sad day, but also a day full of promise. Good for you! x

  11. a leap of faith! change is good and good luck heidi; your shop looks to have been (sniff)a veritable treasure trove. (and you are going to win for sure! 97 - 93, seem to have hit an impasse not much traffic at odd and old)...

  12. I hope the day goes well and not too many sad thoughts. You've made the right decision for you.

  13. Hej Heidi

    I can't believe the amount of lovley things you have in your shop! Your dressers, cupboards and display cabinets are wonderful and characterful, no wonder they are all SOLD!
    I understand your tears you will shed, no doubt...BUT how exciting a new venture and wonderful new happenings just around the corner for WONDERFUL YOU!

  14. Merry Christmas Heidi! Stay strong, this change will be'll see! I know God has great plans for you! Your love and kindness has touched many lucky people! Me included!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!! Love you :o ) Chris