Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back in the Groove

Note missing Hood vent.
We started working on the house again after taking

a long break....

I'm going to take this hood vent

design and tweak it...

and where I took out my pantry cupboards
I'm going to put in this next image.

I love these!

won't those look nice in this spot next to the fridge.
Oops sorry for the duplicate!

Look at how sweet little Lucy is feasting
like a queen!

I'm so enjoying the giveaway
until I have to say goodbye!

and with all the painting I have been doing this week
I sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee out of my new Florida mug
and one of these amazing
Key lime pie macaroons Jane brought me
back from her trip
with her cute daughter!
Well I painted Cory's room this week
and I will show you pictures soon
and Jeremy's room is next
This is the gray color I chose it looks so nice
with the white trim.

I will have to share later
the poor tree is now in its stand
and decorated.
I have 14 days
left of the store being open
and I have been having so much
fun with all my favorites.
I'm going to miss them!!!
till I reopen.
Sorry this was such a long
My Mom and Dad lent me their
laptop till I get mine up and running
hence the long post.
Maybe if it was down more often
I would get so much more


  1. as soon as I saw you had updated and clicked to view....I went ooohhhhhhhh love the kitchen....its so super pretty!xx

  2. Good luck with your newkitchen ideas - we're just having a new kitchen put in. I hope I haven't made a big mistake - chosen dark brown / black cupboard doors.We'll see....!

  3. OoOh love your kitchen ideas!!!

    Victoria xx

  4. What a beautiful kitchen - very homely and I absolutely love your kitchen sink. Very well done on what was obviously a huge job. I have a similar bread bin to yours; I`ve had it for years and everytime I think I`m going to throw it out and get something more up-to-date, I change my mind...I just can`t do it!Imagine being attached to a breadbin!

  5. Hi Heidi, I hope your computer will be up and running again soon! Are you really going to change your kitchen? It looks just great the way it is!!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. Oh love your kitchen..looks very cosy!
    Why do you want to change it?!


  7. I love seeing your house ... that chandelier in your kitchen is cute too. The whole place looks cosy and warm.

    I can't believe how busy you are with your shop and renovations ... so you must have three children?

    And doesn't your rabbit mind the snow?

  8. I love your kitchen just as it is! But those cabinets & the tweeking you have planned are gorgeous! Boy, you sure are a woman on a mission this week, painting, planning, work & christmas goings on as well, hooly dooley!! Enjoy being back in the groove x

  9. I am having my first giveaway on my blog - a gift card sponsored by CSN Stores. please do come and enter !

  10. I know what you mean, Heidi. I, too, think I'd get a lot more done if I'd star away from the computer and out of my art room. BUT! That's O.K. we all need this friendship from all of our blogging friends. That Key Lime morsel looks soooo good. I hope it was. It's going to be fun seeing what the new additions are going to do to your kitchen. Take care. Diane

  11. Ohhhh i adore your kitchen no change that to love it. The green units and all the free standings ones are great i love that look its so much more personnal a real beauty i bet you spend loads of time in there to. Aww Lucy looks like shes having fun. Have a lovely day Dee x

  12. It will look fabulous. I love makeover photos.

  13. hope your computer troubles are resolved soon; so darn frustrating, a bit like losing your right your very cath kidston kitchen. love your sink! 14 days until your shop closes, what will you do afterwards? 21 days till you lose (haha)!, what will you do afterwards? x...

  14. mhmmm.... the key line thingy... oh and great kitchen plans!!!! keep us posted, yeah!!! (i'm sure that you will).

  15. That is going to make for one purty kitchen!