Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday through A Winters Window...

This is Corys Room and Look at this desk
my kids love it and have fought over it.
Phil brought it home from a job he was working on and
Its my least favorite!

But I love these ornaments....

Super cute!

and here is Cory's freshly painted room
I will post better pictures when I'm done
putting it back together!
I have so much to post and so little
time this month.
I will post the winners tomorrow
for the giveaway
and Christine's work
she's an amazing local artist!
she has some of the most Beautiful photos
of Alaska!
Don't forget to join


  1. Love the ornaments! I know what you mean, there is just no time to do anything at the moment!

    Have a great rest of a day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

  2. hi there h, busy times indeed. it's cold here but think it must be super douper cold where you are, brrrrh. see you are ahead! take care x

  3. Boys do have a different idea of cool stuff than we girls. But the desk does look very useful. Cute little ornaments, love the ones with the pull string. And I'm looking forward to the Alaska pictures tomorrow. Have a happy day, Diane

  4. I'm loving all th winter windows, I feel less inspired around here, I think I should go on search for a pretty window out & about...nice paint job, it'll be a lovely bright space..

  5. Looking forward to the Alaska photos! What's the temp there? Love your cute little decs!

  6. Heidi, what lovely little figures you have there! Really charming :-) I wish you and your family happy days in the next two weeks up to christmas!

    All the best!


  7. ohhh i love those ornaments they remind me of my childhood. Good luck with putting Corys room back together such a great feeling when its all done. Enjoy the rest of your week. Dee ;-) x

  8. Cory's room looks wonderful ... and that's a great desk. You seem to have Christmas trees everywhere!

    Great paint job ... you're very busy, aren't you?

  9. I love those ornaments too! I also love the pitch of the ceiling in Cory's room. It's so cosy and welcoming.

    Thanks for popping over to see me. Good luck in the Gorg Gives!! x

  10. Fantastic room for a growing teen boy, it's fabulous!! Looking forward to more shots Heidi. Sending you some Australian sunshine, it was raining until Oprah arrived, then weather perfection. Love Posie

  11. That's a super cute room. Hope you are doing well!

  12. I am going to do my teen son's room over too! LOve your sweet ornaments!

    happy day!