Saturday, December 11, 2010

A little Christmas cheer and a tree!

I got the tree up and decorated.
Our local nursery went out of business
and we use to always get a 9ft
so this one looks
My village all set up.
We have coming for dinner tonight some friends
who have a 1yr old and a 2 yr old.
My house has not been child proofed for a few
years now!

My little ladies.

My favorite Stockings...

Yesterday Amanda stopped by and remember
my previous post.
Well the coffee table in Jeremy's room
I found at the Salvation army
a couple of years ago.
and it had been hers
how funny is that.
Great minds think alike!
I'm ready for Christmas
and we woke up this morning to
fresh snow
so everything looks so fresh!
If you have not had a chance to enter my
Giveaway.....You have till
Monday morning!


  1. You have the cutest house! Everything looks so festive.

    How funny is that getting something at the thrift store that your friend gave to them?!

  2. Your house looks so cosy! I love it!
    And I love your shoes ;o)
    Nice that you told the people about my blog,..thank you ;o)

    Have a nice sunday!

  3. Your living room looks so inviting & lovely! It would be nice to curl up there with a book, though think I might never leave it! I LOVE your favourite stocking, gorgeous!
    ...oh my goodness, good luck with those little sweetheart tonight, I bet they'll be perfect angels & not touch a thing - actually I think it would be difficult for ME not to go around touching all those pretty things!!

  4. Hi Heidi,

    Your Christmas decorations look so bright and happy! Your guest will love them!!! I think they will be a success with the little ones as well.

    Enjoy your evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. I love seeing your home ... it looks so inviting and comfy. You have lovely little things everywhere!

    I hope those little visitors are well behaved! They'll be dying to get into everything!

  6. I hope you come over and enter my giveaway!

  7. I love the coffee table story!!
    Your house is SO cute. It's cute anyway and even cuter at Christmas. Maybe you should take the little kiddies and go out for pizza! It would be a shame for everything to get destroyed. Heidi, you and I both love the little villages. Have you seen the little pink houses in Victorian Trading Company? They would be so cute with your others. Happy Sunday. Diane

  8. sooooo adore the festive treasures of your wonderful home, looks so inviting- can i come for tea? hehe ;0)x lovely tree and those pretty , hand made stockings- lovely!
    i love the big open spaces of your home...and all the comfy, cozy touches like your quilts and vintage furniture...i just want to move in!
    best wishes lovely lady xxxx

  9. Love the massive tree!! Our freshly chopped one touches the roof too!!
    We never babyproofed the house, we had few accidents, so good luck, love Posie

  10. So cute!!! I hope you all had a wonderful dinner together! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  11. Oooo your tree looks beautiful. I can imagine the lovely pine smell from here ... where it's the middle of summer ;) Your blog is lovely ;)

  12. Heidi your home is looking so Christmassy & beautiful... I hope your childproofing was successful.

  13. looks lovely, when shall i pop by for a natter and sherry dear? x

  14. Are some of the furniture in the house posted in this site are made of of solid pine ?