Friday, December 17, 2010

Are you tired yet?

I have been so busy in the store and my last day is
approaching quickly the 22ND of December.
The kids last day of school was yesterday.

It's amazing how use to the quiet during the day I am and
now there's alot of chatter!

I never put any presents under the tree till Christmas Eve
because it really does slow down some of the begging to
open presents early.
as a kid I would secretly open every gift and re tape the corners,
I just had to know!

I wonder if my kids would do this if they had the chance?

I still have a little left to buy for the kids.

and then I'm done, I still have to find something for Phil
any ideas?

I baked a ton of cookies on Wednesday for Mimi and Cory's
class parties yesterday!
Well it's all down hill now till Christmas,
I just hope it warms up we have been in such a
cold snap that it's hard to get the kids outside
and when you do finally get them out there back in
because there freezing.
We had 2 below zero this morning
Hope your all getting done with your last minute
I will have to show you pictures of the store it looks
so bare!


  1. It really starts feeling Christmassy when the kids break up. My daughter finished today and is off for nearly 2 1/2 weeks.

    I like your houses and bottle brush trees.

  2. you! sneaky so and so!
    open presents before their time due... tssshhhhh...
    will you miss your shop though?

  3. I used to go and look at the presents hidden under my mother's bed, too! I couldn't control myself!

    How on earth do you keep warm in minus degrees?

  4. I just love all your little houses and Christmas people and animals. You must be getting a lot of stuff sold for Christmas. Stay warm. Diane

  5. Mmm I still have to do about everything :-(
    But I love your houses! Have a great weekend!

  6. I so want to bake cookies, I just found a bunch cookie cutters today so I should be doing it tomorrow...Love all of the great things in your shop.

  7. The houses look so cute!
    I always want to be ready before the holidays begin
    but it is once again failed
    Take it easy and have a lovely weekend,

  8. kids make christmas!
    (it just isn't the same deal once they stop believing in santa).
    so you are nearly done with your shop, how will you cope when it is finally closed?
    i can't believe it; we have -5° here today and i think it is warmer in alaska? how can that be?
    fancy a baileys?
    you're gonna win girl!
    spit; linda xx

  9. "as a kid I would secretly open every gift and re tape the corners, I just had to know"...I have to confess that as a (supposed) adult, I still do just that! Very pleased with the fabulously warm spotty slippers I'm going to get this year, and the BEAUUTIFUL pink scarf!!
    all love- hope you're getting lotsa wear outa that fab pink coat :))

  10. Lovely houses, and the wee Bambi too, Heidi! We had minus 23 the orker day, and tomorrow the forecast is minus 19. It's just too much - but a perfect excuse to stay in :-)


  11. Still wrapping, only 6 teenage nephews to go & we're done!! Love Posie

  12. I used to do exactly the same with Christmas presents!!

    To this day my mum still doesn't put my presents out as I can't help messing about with them!

    Victoria xx

  13. Love your 'sugary' houses! I used to do that with my presents years ago!! Not long for you til the 22nd :)