Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday through a winter window

Sunday morning the sunrise was so pretty
I thought this will make the perfect winter through a Tuesday
morning as I sit in darkness still.

I got kicked out of my bed this morning at 4:30
Mimi crawled in kissed me on the nose and fell
back asleep, well with a wake up like that
you may as well get up and enjoy the peace of a sleeping house!

It was hard to capture it but it was so pink the sky!

this was yesterday morning
Georges little trail again....

and this was this morning I don't know what all that
shadowing is kind of spooky!
Good Morning to all of you.

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  1. Wow - fabulous photos! You do live in a beautiful place. Poor you, being up so early! Well, good that you saw the lovely skies, but not so good to have all that lost sleep!

  2. Beautiful shots through your windows..lucky you to have that beautiful view to enjoy all of the time.

  3. What a view....4.30 that is early!

  4. Hi Heidi,

    I see I have missed three post!!!! I am so sorry I did not respond to them, but I have been terribly busy with all kinds of everything that have to happen before Christmas.

    I am glad you don't regret the closing of your store. It has been such a great part of your life. It's good when you can close that period off happily.

    I enjoyed looking at the snow and your beautiful view. We have lots of snow in Holland as well. It feels like living in Austria or Switzerland (without the mountains) :-)!

    Has my parcel arrived yet? I haven't received your yet either. I will let you know ASAP!

    I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas! Enjoy!!!

    Lieve Groet, Madelief x

  5. Wow! Heidi such fantastic views...beautiful photographs ... you have captured everything so magically and spookily...
    Thanks for sharing and playing along with TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINTER WINDOW
    I wish I could be ski-ing but like most of Europe we are in a Snow storm that hasn't stopped all through last night and today...
    I have only just decorated our family tree...
    It WILL be alright on the night...
    Simply does it here...
    I keep popping into everyone's lovely blogs...
    when I am on Tea break lol! A cuppa in my hand and a slab of chocolate stuffed in my mouth...
    Have yourself a WONDERFUL & BLESSED CHRISTMAS with your wonderful family Heidi
    Julie & Co x

    P.S. Did your magazine arrive yet?
    And I hope to have uploaded a picture by silly o'clock tonight lol x

  6. Ouch! 4.30 is a little early to get up. But what a pretty and peaceful view out your window. Snow is so neat and tidy looking. Enjoy a wonderful day today!

  7. Such beautiful views, Heidi!
    Wishing you a lovely merry Christmastime. xxxx

  8. 4:30 - too early! But beautiful shots Heidi, beautiful Alaskan mornings. Lovely. Diane

  9. Beautiful photo's simply stunning to capture the sunrise to. First thing in the morning when the house is still asleep is a magical time. Have a lovely christmas if i havn't said it already. Dee x

  10. Wonderful pictures and colours!
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!