Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Winners and a whole lot of Talent!

Do not use any of these pictures as they are not mine
and Christine was kind enough to share with me.
Just look at these amazing photos
of Alaska and her incredible art work!
We keep finding out how much in common we have I was
looking through her photos and this cabin is my absolute favorite
on the way to Anchorage and here she had a photo of it.


Her drawings are all small and perfect,
she has these little mushroom people
that are so adorable.

and she has the garden I have always wanted so there
is beautiful!

I could live in a shack here forever.

She is going to start a blog over Christmas break
and I can't just can't believe how lovely
her images are! I'll let you all know the link when
she starts.

Look at her bunk house some of the items she has purchased
in my shop and it's always fun to see there new life.

Look at this swimsuit all done out of items
she find in nature
except a little extra pixie fairy dust.

Then there was my beloved table I had for years
and I sold it to her and look at how sweet it looks in its new home.
Now for the winners
for the German giveaway
for the Swedish giveaway
Congratulations I have them boxed and ready to go
so please email me quickly and I will send them on there way.


  1. lucky ladies xxxx
    wow i love those heavenly views x
    merry christmas sweet heart xxxx

  2. Wow, Alaska looks amazing - great photos. What a beautiful place to live - but harsh / difficult? Your friend's place looks great - esp with the things she bought from you!

  3. First of all congratulatgions to the winners of your great stuff. Second, please do send the link when you get it for this talented girl. The pictures of Alaska are beautiful! I love the picture of the cabin, too, when I enlarged it I saw two swans! Beautiful. Diane

  4. Congratulations to Cocoa Rose and Poppy!

    The photos are breathtaking and her home is so sweet. Looking forward to her blog.

  5. Correction - 'COCO' Rose, sorry!

  6. love the cabin too but you can stick the snow! such wild and raw beauty, a real wilderness hard for my london gal roots to really appreciate fully. where are the cars, people and the pollution; i'm a real sucker for a lungful of pollution! i'm running a 'creative giveaway' chez moi in a desperate attempt to beat you in the followers stakes. as they say 'it ain't over till the fat bird sings'...x

  7. Congratulations to Poopy and Coco Rose!
    Great pictures!!!


  8. The photos look so cute on your blog! Your such a sweetheart!!! :o)

  9. Beautiful pictures and another very talented lady, Look forward to seeing her blog to. Love the swimsuit stunning idea. Dee x

  10. Congratulations to Vanessa & Poppy! What a talented friend you have Heidi. The garden looks lovely and that bathing suit very original!

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. Congratulations Vanessa and Poppy :)

    Thanks Heidi for visiting. I had bone tumor removed from my finger and a bone graft taken from my wrist. It has been 8 weeks now and I just started back at work last week.I am not back to normal but it is getting there slowly.

    Take care, Tamara x

  12. Oh my!!!!!! I had to read that bottom bit several times! How lucky am i?!!!!!! he he! Will email you in a mo.

    Gorgeous post....gorgeous pictures. I really want to be there in them. A beautiful place and she has a beautiful talent too! Just a tad envious!!!!!!!

    Have a fab rest of a day Heidi!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxx

  13. Congratulations to the winners! I'm sooo jealous!

    And you're right, those photos are beautiful ... I can't even imagine what it's like living in Alaska.

    Heidi, your friend's home is just lovely, and you are both bound to each other through pieces of furniture and the love for similar things! Tha's lovely ... I hope you grow better friends as you get older!

  14. Well done Cocoa Rose and Poppy. Lovely images. Thanks for popping by.

  15. Wow!!! Great pics!!!! It's such a bless to be in this great state

  16. Wow her drawings are AMAZING! And i want to sleep in that little bed!!!
    P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment, it was so nice to read!