Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I may have gotten myself in a little pickle of a situation....
Anyone who knows me knows I'm always trying to set
people up and make a love connection.
Well in the last month we joined this wonderful church
again, (long story) but the new minister is such a great fit!!
Any who I hadn't realized I had told so many women
about this sweet man who goes there,
I'm not sure if he's available he should
be he comes alone every Sunday...and Phil and I
would visit him at basketball games where he would bring
his grandchildren.
I had 4 women call me yesterday all wanting to
come with me to church to meet him.
Oh my, You see the pickle!
I just can't stand to hear sad stories
I think everyone should be happy,
Oh my!


  1. Oh Heidi!! This is funny! He's probably married and his wife doesn't go to church. heehee Diane

  2. Oh nooooooooo! I was thinking the same thing as Diane - maybe his wife doesn't go to church! Hope it all works out!
    ~ Zuzu

  3. There are some single 30yearolds I could encourage a little cougar action, a solution or more of a problem?
    I honestly never thought about the wife at home option!

  4. How funny, or maybe not! I am with Diane and Zuzu, I was thinking the same thing! Good luck.

  5. Oh dear that is a pickle!

    You'll have to let us know how you get on!

    Victoria x

  6. Yikes, hope that gets sorted, such a delicate emotional moment!
    Merry Christmasxx

  7. Oh goodness! I'd start praying it all works out!

    Can't wait to hear the next instalment!

  8. boy, for once? am i glad i'm not living closer....
    you matchmaker.... ha ha ha....