Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday through-a Winter Window

I'm still stuck in Anchorage almost a week now.....
Yesterday we called and went to the dealership
and told the mechanic that our host wants us out.....
We can't make it through a scrabble game anymore without a FIGHT!
he replied that it usually takes 3-5 days
My Mom, Mimi and I may have to hitch hike home.

Until then my bright spot for today is playing
Tuesday through a Winter Window.

Oh help me out here if you can, hehe


  1. O that's sounds not funny! Another 5 days there...what a trouble!
    I send you soon my address but send me too yours..so there will be delicious cookies waiting of you if you came home;O)
    Best regards,

  2. Awww I'm sorry you are stuck! But good luck in those scrabble games :) :) I like the pic a lot!

  3. Love the window shot..So sorry you are stuck, it is those times when your really 'can't' get home that you miss it that much more.

  4. Oh dear! Hope you return home safely soon!
    Love the window picture!

  5. Excellent window picture - love it! Hope you get home soon :)

  6. there is alot of excitement when your stuck, i remember one christmas while traveling to relatives it snowed so much we couldnt get home...but there is no place like home after a while and nice to be in your own surroundings and comforts...hope u manage to get home soon x
    love the view x

  7. `Your Host Wants you Out`lol - that`s sooo funny! If you need a shovel to tunnel your way out I`ll send you one, no problem! Love your window.

  8. oh no! Hope the mechanic can hurry up! Good luck on scrabble!

  9. Hejsan Heidi

    I LOVE that window ;-D
    Thank you for playing along & sharing your unique view...
    I hope you get to your Home Sweet Home sooooon.
    Do they have Greyhounds in Alaska?

  10. What a gorgeous window! I'm sorry you're still stuck, I hope things are fixed up VERY soon & you can be home sweet home again! Deep breaths for now..pretend you're on an extended holiday..x

  11. Oh, my! I wish I could help you but I don't know how. I do love the picture of the window, it's wonderful. Blessings, Diane

  12. seriously? stuck?
    now i get it...
    jeez', i hope the wine lasted.
    drop us a line when you're back?
    (great window! btw)

  13. computer keyboard keys
    QWERTYS -- plural of QWERTY
    that should shut them up!! haha
    be safe and home soon x

  14. Dear Heidi,
    Thank you SOOOOO much for your lovely comments on my blog. I got so happy and you made my day :o)
    I'm really glad you like my blog from here up north. A very, very cold and snowy north at the moment. Have never seen snow in November ;o) Looks like you've got a bit of snow up there where you are stucked as well....

    Will be back on your nice blog!
    Lot's of hugs from
    Ulrika in Denmark :o)

  15. Hi Heidi,

    Just hold on for a little while longer :-)! Is this your window or your sisters? If it is your sisters you have the same taste!!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Anchorage, but hope you will be home soon!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  16. Ohhh I am so sorry,sweetie...Hope everything will work out...That photo is so cool:)