Sunday, November 7, 2010

Snow snow Snowman....

Well I think it's here to stay!
It snowed all night and all day
my girlfriend lives a 1/4 mile from us and she
was without power for 9 hours and counting
when she called me yesterday.

The snow was that beautiful wet kind
great for making a snowman!

So Mimi and I went to town on making
a perfect snowman family.

so pretty

I love when it clings to the trees.

We baked a little sugar free/fat free
pumpkin bread.
yes it did taste about as bad as it sounds.
I tried what can I say.
the coffee helped wash it down!

I think after church
we will have to find a sledding hill today!


  1. goodness this snow is freezing:freaking me out! i could not live where you are however darn pretty and spectacular it is! cute snowmen. so the race is on, no prisoners, no pity! who can have the most followers by january 1st? here's to more snow and power failures to give me the dastardly advantage Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa! x

  2. Have fun in your wonderful white world!

  3. What a beautiful white world!
    The snowmen family looks great :)
    With us it's still really fall: with storm and rain
    So I'm a little jealous of you!

  4. I want to move now! SNOW! So much snow..enough to make a snow-family...sounds great!
    About the's really sounds bad, I'm sorry *smile*!

    Have a nice week and enjoy of the snow!
    Greetings from cold grey Amsterdam,

  5. Hej HEIDI

    The snow looks wonderful and great fun with your daughter and the snow family.
    I love your Blue and white house and is that your shop next door?
    LOOOVE the retro pear mug.
    LOVE PEACE enJOY that snow!

  6. I love your snowman family but I have one question. Where's George? You need to build a little dogman. Beautiful snow pictures Heidi. Hugs, Diane

  7. That is like full on winter! Such cute pics :)

  8. I like the way your red house stands out....just like in Sweeden or the Maritimes...

  9. Oh how beautiful Heidi!! I loved all your photo's and especially the snow man family, gorgeous! keep warm xo

  10. Gorgeous photos. The UK comes to a stand still when we have snow, we can't cope.

  11. Hi! So I definitely don't go to those shows ever, those were my first ones - it was so exciting! If I could go to them all the time, I would, haha!

  12. Wow.....your snow images look amazing. Hope you are having a lovely week. x

  13. wow those pics are just stunning!! It seems so weird seeing that snow. It's just started to get really cold here in Ireland but we don't normally see snow until January! M x

  14. Oh wow! It looks so beautiful - a fairy tale landscape! I love real snow, thick and deep, like you've got. Here in England we tend to have just a little which is really annoying as it messes up transport but doesn't allow us to stay home all day! I love it when there's real thick snow and we're officially 'snowed in' and can just go out and enjoy the winter wonderland :-)
    Have a fab time !
    Denise x

  15. what a great, smile-inducing post! thanks so much for visiting my blog so that i could visit yours right back.

    beautiful snowy pics! we had a tiny dusting of snow last night. not enough to "wonderland-ize" everything. :)


  16. How beautiful all of that snow is. It's the perfect weather for baking. I mean really anything has to taste good out of the oven with a view like that. Thanks for stopping by, for now I have found you. I'm now following : )