Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great company and the best thrift find ever!!

My poor Dad got bit by a spider or something
and his whole arm swelled up
so they came up this morning
to go to the Dr. and get some medicine.

Amanda stopped by wearing this
coat she found thrifting with her Mom
Diane from
(pinecone and roses)
I have a whole post planned
about her tomorrow.

Check out Amanda's blog it shows
some great pictures from her trip!

it's amazing
how fab is that!
Are you coveting it TOO!
it looks so designer.

We all know my love of paper napkins
I had to show you a current
picture and
something that I get to add to it.

Look what she brought me
How cute are they and this coveted mug
Christi just don't look!

I had Mimi's little friend over after
school yesterday.
They are so cute and so busy.....
Of course it does not help that I sugared
them up first!

This was my first view of daylight this morning!
It's been cold and I was so use to the 30 degree weather
we had for a while
oh well
winters here!


  1. I hope your Dad gets some help from the Dr...Have a great visit with your folks...Love that nice coat, it has great lines!

  2. Hi - thanks for popping into my (new) blog - thought I'd return the call! Hope your dad's OK now. Your last picture looks lovely.

  3. Woohoo! Nice to see that girl of mine, I miss her so much!! Hope your dad gets better. How's your mom doing after her surgery? Those girls look like they're wound up!! And that's such a beautiful picture, I know it's cold, winter seems kind of hard to face this year doesn't it, at least for me. Blessings Heidi. Diane P. S. thanks for mentioning my blog, too.

  4. The view from your window would keep ME daydreaming instead of doing dishes. It was SO lovely (as always) to see you today. I'm glad your dad is on his way to recovering. Brown recluses (sp) CAN live up here! I found out today. Hum? Anyway, thanks for your admiration in my thrift store find. That always makes me feel good to get your positivity! I love the pic. of Mimi and Miss J. Oh my you have your hands full!

  5. hi hei,
    your parents look about the same age as mine, hope your dad is feeling better and that he squashed the offending little blighter!
    thanks for your support and enjoy your cold weekend linda x

  6. My best wishes to your Dad!
    Wow, your home looks amazing!
    Keep you warm Heidi and have a good weekend!

  7. what a stunning morning picture, you live in the prettiest place on earth! I hope your dad's ok, sounds a little nasty. Looking forward to the sleepovers, of course they must indulge in sugar that's just part of the fun!!

  8. best wishes to your dad! Don't knew that spiders live also in these cold winter!
    Love your owls-napkins! They are very nice!


  9. Aw such fun post! Her coat is very cool, I need to thrift more :)

  10. Hi Heidi
    Thanks for popping by and your lovely comment. I must say my kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in the house.

  11. PS Just noticed the red painted chair in your header, I have the exact same chair in the same colour at my kitchen table!!( All my chairs are different colours)

  12. Hope your Dad is doing better! Looks like you're all having some fun at your house!

  13. hot diggurty dogg!
    h = 83 l
    L = 82
    °°° ***

  14. Heidi !!!!
    What a wonderful photo of Morning in all it's glory...You live in a very special place.
    I love your friends coat....I WANT your friends coat lol! I think I might even part with my red clogs for that coat ;-D
    I arrived back to Sweden this evening about 9pm.
    I got your message...
    Magazine on it's way to you Monday ;-)

    P.S. I hope your Dad is okay S P I D E R S!!!
    Isn't too cold for them?

  15. I just wanted to say Hi and thank you very much for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I hope that your dad is doing better now after his spider bite. I love the look of your home its beautiful, lovely blog i will be stopping again. Take care Dee ;-)

  16. wow that is a great coat and what a fun blog!