Saturday, November 6, 2010

Alot of snow and a little Christmas!

Every day I get closer I seem to have alot of distractions....
All of my Christmas is out
now I just need a little tweaking here and there....

I love my winter pillows

I love my choir singers
can you see them?

My pictures kept coming out so dark.

My mannequin turned out sweet.

My man cave.

Look at all the snow you can see
Georges little trail and back
this morning.

It's coming down in buckets and our lights flickered
so I hope we don't lose power.
Now that Halloween has passed I'm ready for
snow so snow snow snow!
Have a great weekend!


  1. You have so many wonderful Christmas things and the snow to go with it is spectacular...Have a very nice weekend.

  2. How lucky (?) you are to have already snow.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog. They are very appreciated.

    Bonjour de France !

    ♥ Hélène Glehen - a French artist, fond of roses and romantic stuff ♥

  3. Hi Heidi,

    You already have snow!!! It matches the Christmassy atmosphere in your store perfectly. Wish I could come along and have a look :-)!

    Happy weekend & lieve groet,


  4. I can't believe how full your little store is with stuff!

    Good thing you like long is it on the ground there?

  5. Hej Heidi

    You have snow already lucky you...It's on the way here in Sweden, Monday and Tuesday...
    Oh I wish I had wings and could just fly over and visit your wonderful shop ;-D.
    What an Aladdins cave of all things vintage.
    It's looking so christmassy especially with the snow. I chuckled at your man cave, what a great idea! Your mannequin is styled brilliantly and all that jewellry and those floral pictures.
    I love your winter cushion with the labrador in his santa hat lol!
    Everything is lovely... just lovely... just like you my lovely friend ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend
    LOVE PEACE enJOY that Snow!

  6. I was telling my son about your snow and he is quite intrigued! We have had the most mild autumn here; we are saving money on heating bills compared to normal. But we have no idea how long that will last...

    Your stock looks absolutely fantastic, and so beautifully displayed too.

  7. gorrrrrrrgeous winter wonderland of snow whoooooo hoooooo!!!!! oh i hope it snows in the u.k!!!!!...let me know when your illustration water colour arrives was sent last week but know it might take a week to get to you- i'll check tracker mail too ;0)
    Love all the vintage pleasures!!!!!
    and the man cave hehehehe ;0)xxxx

  8. shop looks cool 'h'; so much work to arrange. oh boy so much snow! here we don't usually get snow before january. seems only the other week that you were saying goodbye to summer! time goes by soooo quickly. be safe, lindax

  9. p.s
    "hey hey hey! we should play!"
    see you have 76,and i 78!
    by the 31st who will have the most?
    whoever wins gets a 2011 gift from the loser...
    what thinks you?...

  10. Whow what a lot of snow! No wonder you are in mood for Christmas! Love all the Christmas goodies! Here we don't decorate for Christmas before our Santa (the real one) has left the country on December 5th but....I have been shopping....shhhshshsh!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my goodness that snow is so very pretty! I'd love a whhite christmas one day...your shop looks amazing! Love the man cave & I love that gorgeous red house..x

  12. Heidi so many beautiful goodies in your shop.
    Look at that snow & so much of it..... Hard for me to get my head around that kind of scene as we gear up for summer here in Australia. All our greeting cards & Christmas carols talk of white snowy Christmas.

  13. ~**~Hi Heidi!! So glad you stopped by my blog and left me comments so I could find your wonderful blog!!! So are you from Seattle?~*~*Im your newest follower too!! Hugs~ Rachel~*

  14. Your store is so cute with all your Christmas things. The snow came just at the right time didn't it. I love the last picture of the snow and of course the little George path.Diane

  15. BEAUTIFUL!! Oh so gorgeous, love it!! Love Posie

  16. Is that your shop Heidi? Swoooooooooon!
    Have a good weekend!

  17. Heidi thanks for stopping by my Gypsy Caravan Post... had to smile at your comment... not enough Treasure storage in a mobile abode... but you see I thought that dilemma through... that's what my HOUSE would then become... storage central as I traveled about in my Mobile Palace. *wink* The Man's concern would be that if I was out on the open road full time with access to every Show/Sale/Treasure Hunters Paradise out there... even MORE Treasures would likely find their way back to the ole' Homestead?!? *LOL* Or perhaps... this would be a fine way to cause me to self edit over time? Only time will tell... when I FINALLY get my Vardo Vision... and fulfill my wanderlust... as well as my lust for more Found Treasures! *smiles*

    I see you are already in the Holiday Spirit and your Vintage Christmas is just precious!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. Such gorgeous snowy pictures Heidi! Hope you don't lose power!
    You have some wonderful treasures in your shop!Love the images from your inspirational book, utterly gorgeous! Thanks for popping by with your sweet comment!
    Rachel x