Saturday, November 13, 2010

A thrift,a re-do and a lutefisk dinner!

My living room collage needed a change next to the stove.
This is what I started with
and I just wanted to warm it up for winter.

I tried it this way...

Then this way....

And I ended up liking this, done!

Here is my best find this summer
I found this crazy quilt for $5

My Phil is up in Anchorage installing
cabinets and so my Mom and Dad
came up to sleep with me.
Dale and Lois called and invited
me into the Scandinavian
Lutefisk dinner
I think this is more of a dinner dare.
Smelly fish!
should be fun I'll tell you all about it.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I really like that picture it a child sleeping in a tree with a quilt?..anyway, I find it very fascinating.

    How sweet that your mom and dad came to keep you company...have fun!

  2. I was just going to say something about that cute picture, too. Your collage does look more wintery and warmer, especially with the little quilt.

    I'm not sure about that lutefisk. I never liked the name much. Maybe if it sounded better...... Diane

  3. Hej Heidi
    I LOOVE your collage and the Quilt is fantastic what a great find!
    P.S.It will be interesting to know what you thought of LUTEFISK ...I have never tried it...

  4. Have a lot of fun! Mmm I think it is best when I don't write any thing else, just keep it simple (for me). ;-)!

  5. I love that quilt! and your house is so fun :) And you have a new header? and thanks for your comment on the t-giving guest post!

  6. love a bit o' wild patchwork and love a smelly fish! french 'gastro' friends marvel at this non fastidious brit, i'll try anything once. enjoy x...

  7. Hope you're having a lovely weekend

    Victoria xx

  8. Hello Heidi
    Oooh I love the collage on your wall - full of interesting things to explore :-)
    Thank you for your kind comment about our special news :-)
    Happy days,
    Denise x

  9. What a cozy room
    The collage is perfect!
    You do have luck with the quilt!
    How much time would it take to make something this beautiful!
    Suzanne xxx

  10. Love your livingroom. And its great to ring the changes. Simple things that bring a smile.

    Your braver than me trying fish. Oh not my favourite at all! lol.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Its nice to find new friends.

    MBB x

  11. Your wall looks great ... I haven't read your blog for a while ... Congrats on the blogger award, can I ask you where you found the swimwear photo,those swimsuits are amazing ... for my daughter, not me, I'm with you on the swimwear dislike !!!!

  12. love, love and adore the beauty and styly of your gorrrrgeous home ;0)
    i bought fresh haddock off the market it stunk my home out for a few days after...but tasted lovely as fish n veg crumble ;o)x

  13. I hope you enjoyed your fancy dinner!
    Have a good week!

  14. How beautiful it looks:) I totally adore your house
    Happy Monday, my dear

  15. Last night I watched Sarah Palin's Alaska on TV. Alaska is beautiful. I really enjoyed all the scenery and the bears and bear fight....they were so close in the boat it was stressing me out...I was thinking are all Alaskans not afraid of bears, cuz I would be high tailing it out of there pretty dang quick!

    I mean there are bears here too and you can see there deposits place we lived there were always on the school yard...but, heck i would have turned around and ran my legs off. They were so calm...and too close to that mama and her babies......anyhoo, I can't wait for next week so I can see another corner of the earth you live in.

  16. you FOUND this quilt? man! that is awesome.
    i love what you've done to your wall... itchy fingers down here!!!!