Thursday, November 4, 2010

Florals Part 2

I think this is my longest post ever!
Look at the flowers on this beautiful light fixture.

I love this window

these beds are so sweet
the linens and the casters.

I love the art work here.

love this room

just perfectly put together.

Love this nursery.

This started my Magenta color phase
I love the color of these chairs.
Well that's the end of the book
I hope you enjoyed it and found a little
inspiration along the way!
Two little tuckered out ones
catch a snooze.
How cute are they!
Maybe tomorrow ,
I will have some finished pictures of the shop!


  1. I am loving this book. I went to and they have some, new and used...I am very tempted.

  2. Hej Heidi

    Thanks for all the eye candy, that is a great book you found. The last picture is just adorable and I loove all the colours of the cushions.
    I hope you are enjoying decorating your shop...
    Erin over at Pughs News suggested that we should do a Tuesday Through...The Window in December, isn't that a fantastic idea, to share a christmas view.
    Look forward to seeing your lovely shop.
    Is it open everyday?

  3. I love the way George is cuddled up, completely into the snuggle. Thanks for sharing your beautiful book, Heidi, I love the vibrant colors and the flowers throughout. I can see why you started your magenta phase with that shot. Happy Day!!! Diane

  4. some lovely images but by far the best you kept till last. any more snow? jolly windy here but not cold yippee no socks today. hope your shop is shaping up; cheerio Linda x

  5. Hi Heidi,

    That is a great book. Love the images you show us. Your daughter and dog look very sweet :-)!

    Happy day & lieve groet,


  6. Heidi thank you for your comment , you are the first on my list .
    Love all your pictures, in one of them i see an idea for a gift to be added to the giveaway. Wil show it later. Hope you win. Good luck

  7. Heidi I love all those images... So pretty & modern.
    Your daughter & doggy are so sweet snuggling up together.
    Hope you are all well.

  8. 3 dollars? You lucky girl!!! I love flowers and I love colors--> I love this book, thanks for showing! Nice blog! I'll stroll around a little.......

  9. LOVE those pink chairs..and the nursery...yah.

  10. Oh Heidi, it's me from Cranberry Cottage....

  11. I have something for you over at The Little House blog.

  12. That was definitely a long post full of loveliness! Thank you for sharing..can't wait to see your shop :)

  13. Gorgeous post Heidi!
    Thank you for sharing this lovely book!

  14. this IS a tricia guild, though. isn't it?
    ha, makes me want to dream on, and plan...
    must be patient....

  15. I ended the other blog..I was really over it..Not happy where I was going. I am so happy with this new blog it makes my stomach feel sick with excitement everytime I log on.