Monday, November 15, 2010

A treasured Gift and my Lutefisk dinner review!

I received my new Romantic Homes Dec. issue.
It's the best Christmas Magazine of the season so far.

I'm sorry my pictures have a little glare.

check out this kitchen...

Just full of treasures.
I love the detail on this stairway.

and this fireplace.

love the pink plaid blanket.

this cork wreath.

What a great issue, huh!

the best for last
Kazzy made this for me
her blog is one of my
favorite stops!
what a treasure
Mimi keeps propping it up
and trying to color a picture
just like it with her crayons.
thank you
I love it!
The Lutefisk dinner
was fun
I saw alot of people
I knew.
the menu was boiled potato's
Swedish meatballs
and Lutefisk.
I ate it all
except the lutefisk.
My dad and I skipped it
my Mom devoured it, ooh!
then across from me sat this teenage girl
who had a heaped plate of the stuff!


  1. Gorgeous pics! Is that kitchen from the lady at Berry Red site? Think that's in Country homes and Ideas mag this month. I love that site and her house reflects it! Kazzy is such an amazing artist, lucky you to have a piece of her artwork! The bears can't get enough of swedish meatballs!

    Have a fab rest of a day!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love your christmas's much different as the ones I can buy here...
    Lutefisk..I've heard about it...all people said: "Of you like it of you don't like it"...there is no possibly" ;o)
    I've been very often in Sweden but I never saw it...perhaps the next time *smile* ..but swedish meatballs (køtbullar) taste so delicious with jam and mashed potatoes..we love it!
    Have a nice evening..I've got a little bit red on my face about what your father said *blush*

  3. Swoooooooon at your magazine! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I recognised the kitchen from Country homes too, gorgeous. I love Kazzy's artwork and blog, so much loveliness.

    Keeping everything crossed for your mum and dad, hope its still on track.

  5. Oh my that magazine looks fabulous. What magazine is that? That kitchen is perfect just what I would like, so pretty. Kazzy is so talented, I also received a drawing from her some time back it is so lovely, I have it framed in my bedroom, love it :)

    All things nice...

  6. It's so fun to get new inspirations. Beautiful gift from Mermaid's Purse - lucky you. Diane

  7. awww lovely post , glad mimi is so enjoying trying to copy it- im sure her colours will be better than mine hehe ;0)xxxx
    so glad the piccy got there too- was worried now with british posties stealing gifts around christmas...Absolutely love the magazine piccys- dreamy country homes...bliss ;0)
    best wishes glad you had fun xxxx