Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updates and We can get a little C. K. too!

I love her closet, the colors, the organization!
My Texas Nest
I love this image!

Yesterday in my mound of mail was this
wonderful catalog.
Cath Kidston USA
everyone probably knew about this but In Alaska
were the last to know!

So exciting

I'm thinking this will be a great Christmas
did you see her paper napkins...

and the oilcloth, projects ,projects!
Now for the update on the lodge selling.
The agent for the client emailed and said with his job
he has to quite often change his schedule
so something had come up and he
had to reschedule but that he was still coming!
so keep on praying!
fingers crossed.

P.s. I loved your mouse stories!


  1. I totally love the look of clothing racks in closets. So boutique feeling :)

  2. Just found your blog and its lovely - looking forward to seeing all your future posts XX

  3. still love cath kidston despite myself; used to be one of her main vintage suppliers for smalls and furniture for 7 years and at the end she was less than correct with all us small fry suppliers who indirectly helped her to success. still great design and i guess good luck to her...
    'squeak eek'

  4. Hi Heidi,

    We do have the same taste!!! Love to swap part of my cupboard for the contest of the cupboard on your first picture. Only looking at it makes me smile. It looks so cheerful. It gives me a 'summery' feeling as well. In Holland it's getting colder and colder!

    Happy & warm evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. Have you seen the Cath K christmas stocking, gorgeous.

    Fingers crossed for the lodge.

  6. Still keep my fingers cross for the lodge :o)
    Cath Kidston is amazing! I've been by random in the shops in London..bought a nice sweater and...hand cream made from blueberries *smile*..Still thinking about buying a bag next time I'll be in's so beautiful all of it :O)


  7. Hey Mama! Love the closet too! Actually I would love to own such a small amount of perfect clothes. Anyway, Cath Kidson . . . enough said.
    She is too cool.

  8. i have my fingers, toes n whatever else can be crossed...i hope all turns in your favour very soon then you can follow your dreams ;0)x
    love cathy what a joy all her beautiful designs and goodies!...i saw her christmas decor's so want them for my tree too!
    and about sharing a home with mice...i have two!
    and have poison down as the traps have failed!
    i do not like to kill...but i think by christmas i'll have a whole family if i dont do something about it ;0)...problem is i love the sweet look of mice- its Beatrix potters fault she made them sooo adorable!...i love old houses and their architecture... im in one now and love all the details in side...creeky floors and wonky floors add to the charm dont they ;0)x

  9. How we love love LOVE CK! Don't we?!
    Happy hugs for today, Heidi xoxoxo

  10. Oh I sooooo love Cath! I am still drooling over mine!! The closet is great! what fun!
    Hugs, Lisa

  11. Hello Heidi
    I loved the story about your $12 coat and feeling like a princess !
    Thank you for popping by,
    Denise x