Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Color Anyone?

One of my Magazines was cancelled and I ended
up with this Lucky Magazine in it's place. Usually these fashion magazines
are filled with outfits that real people
would never wear in public.
I love these outfits!

These shorts I'd switch to a skirt.

Love these shoes!

This has been a busy week
We found out on Sunday
that my brother and his wife are
expecting their first child in June.
Yesterday we found out that someone is
flying up to take a look at my parents fishing lodge
that's for sale....say a prayer!
I'm off to clean and tidy up!


  1. I usually don't care for the styles right now..but I agree with you, these are nice and I note a mix of different era's. Very interesting.

  2. love the socks and thigh look and rue the day that i awoke to the fact that my socks and thigh look was no longer age appropriate!
    just about to put my house up for sale too so wishing you all luck and talking of luck...
    80 v 78 haha x

  3. Hej Heidi

    Im glad I made you laugh ... and what was you thinking? ;-)
    The magazine Lantliv is a Swedish Inrednings (House interiors) mag, in the Swedish country style...you will LOVE it for sure!

    If you email me your address, I'll post you a copy or perhaps we can a do a swopsy?

  4. Good luck selling the fishing lodge and winning a (very good) give away!

  5. I'm sorry to make the wrong impression. You told me that you never won a give away so I wanted to wish you good luck on selling the lodge and wishing you good luck on winning a very good give away....
    I'm so sorry but I didn't have a give away...Well I think this is an omen, a good sign. Good luck on everything....
    (running away with very red face)

  6. Congrats to your brother and his wife!

    Victoria xx

  7. Oh lots of lovely news for you Heidi - congratulations to you and yours!
    The colours in the magazine shoot are just gorgeous - I want it all !
    D x

  8. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt! So exciting!!!!

    I hope your parents fishing lodge will be sold, but won't you miss it? I enjoyed reading your adventures in summer :-)!

    The clothes look great, very HEIDI!!!

    Lieve groet & happy evening!


  9. Lovely images Heidi and fabulous news about your brother and your parent's lodge. My fingers are crossed for a sale. x

  10. oooh Hope it sells, that must be serious looking if they are flying up to have a look.

  11. I'll pray. Cute clothes. We're having a great time. Diane