Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A big Mess!

I created a huge mess in the store!

These two I came across in the store that hadn't sold
so They must be meant for me.
It even says for, For You!

Last Saturday I dropped off a little boy
at his house on the way home from there
basketball game and this was laying on the floor
of his entryway.
So I asked the Mom and she said she had found 4 of these
large trays at a yard sale.
My mouth dropped open the other ones were red.
They are so beautiful!
She gave me this one, I just about died
It's huge!
She said she is planning on giving them away as
Christmas gifts!
I told her I would drop off a treasure for her
she collects owls!

Here is the first of winter at our door this morning!
I hope to show you some progress soon!
I spent the day tripping over my messes.


  1. oh...I have had that happen many times. But, what a really nice person to give you one!

  2. We're complaining about rain ..and you have already some snow :)
    Have a good week!

  3. What a sweetheart to give you that beautiful tray. I can't beleive those other treasures didn't sell...Love your snow!

  4. What a lovely person to give you one of these!
    I'm really jealous about the snow...here everything is gray, gray and gray..
    Have fun with the snow!

  5. Lovely Chinese enamel tray, there - I'm sure they are based on older French ones. Those two bowls of mine that you have admired are Chinese too. Now we match!

    Wow - loving your snow, too.

  6. Snow should help your Christmas spirit! And now that you have the store torn apart I can just about guarantee you that you'll get busy with customers. Cute things, Heidi, and the plate/platter is beautiful. Diane

  7. Look at that pretty snow! You must do lots of good things to have so many lovely things come your way, those trays are wonderful!

  8. Very funny and interesting decorations.

  9. it's snowing over at yours!!! oh my...