Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm a little nutty around the edges!

I love old house's
the architecture
the details
the trim
the little nooks
and crannies
they offer.
What I don't like is the fact
that it's easier for a mouse to break into one.
I'm petrified of mice, shrews and rats.....any rodent!
The other day I saw a hint of daylight through the front door
on the floor.

So I put my trusty brick on the outside of my door
and my electrical cover on the inside.
Some of Jeremy's friends instead of gently moving my rug
they ripped the door across it.
which wrecked my rug and the weather stripping.
So for the last week I've been a little nutty!
Phil is going to change out our strip today,
I'll sleep tonight!
Do any of you have little fears over crazy things like this?
please don't leave me out here hanging....
as the only nut

I love this row

this house looks unlived in
I think a mouse may live here!

this one is
full of gingerbread details
and that fence!

I could live here forever!

with a few horses...


  1. I love all those houses you posted. I would rather live in an old house anyday. I f I won the lottery, even if it was millions I would still live in an old house. I would however mouse proof it, and make it airtight...

    I have so many fears and quirks, but one was that I always have HAD to live near a firehydrant. On my property preferrably... the next house okay.

    Guess what? This house has the firehall right behind me, could life get any better?

  2. Don't even get me started on mice and rats! We have had our share in both houses...I hate them ! ! !

  3. I'm with you, I'd die if I'd see a rodent! Yuck!

  4. Oh I can't make a choice..love all these houses!
    Here in Amsterdam you'll have lots of mices too...I don't love them but I'm most afraid of spiders *aaaaaaaaah*..

    Have a nice evening and sleep wel!

  5. love 'kent, uk' or 'new england' clapboard houses and have always prefered old until recently. i am dreaming of a simple sqaure with massive windows, pure, simple and honest, hope to built this in bulgaria when we get there!. when i lived in an edwardian house in london i left my breakfast on my bed whilst i went next door to run my bath; when i returned there was a mouse sitting boldly nibbling my toast!! the cheek of it.
    ( a tie? hum not for long the gloves are off)...x

  6. Yes, Heidi, I have a phobia too but I'm afraid if I tell you you'll worry about that. But I do. I don't like mice being in the house, they're dirty and nasty. So you have good reason to stress about them. I love the pictures of the beautiful houses. Have a great day - and night. Diane

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog today Heidi! I responded to you there but couldn't help coming over here for a visit! And I'm glad I did!

    I have some phobias but I guess the worst one is flying for sure! I can not understand, for the life of me, why a giant piece of metal is able to fly around so high up in the sky with sometimes 100's of people in it! I know the scientific reasons and all but it still boggles my mind! I'm also afraid of wasps! I've never been stung...EVER!!

    I live in a little old house that is now 104 years old! I think we have a ghost! We think she's a young girl and she likes to knock things down...like an iron plant stand...which somehow fell into my china cabinet and broke the glass! Hmmmmmm....

    That was fun! I can't wait to read more!
    Good luck with the Giveaway Heidi!

  8. Ooooh I love all the houses you posted, especially the big Gingerbread one. My dream would be to do a self build like that. Mr H, however loves new architecture and his self build would be very modern...so I said when we win the lottery (guess have to play it first though!), we can buy a big plot of land and he can build in one corner and me in the other! I like the sound of that!!!!!! ha ha!

    As for mice, they freak me out. Our next door neighbour had a bird that lived in an avery in his garden for a bit and the seed attracted mice. I walked in the kitchen once and one shot off the counter and behind the dishwasher to get out. The whole kitchen had to be disinfected. I left a wrapped cake on the kitchen counter once before school and when I got back from dropping the bears off, half of it was gone! Ewwwwwww, again disinfectant.

    I caved and got the bears a hamster for a pet a few months ago and this has helped me a bit. She is big and cute, and whilst I wont go near her, I dont freak out as much over rodents. HUGE house spiders are worse. they run so fast!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Old houses are so beautiful and have such personality! When I buy a new house it will definitely be older and I can't wait! And no you're not nutty at all, I'd be all wigged out!