Monday, November 22, 2010

I tried my hand at a collage!

I was messing around out in the store today
after I had spent the morning at school
gluing construction paper
around 26 milk cartons, Phew!
I took a little time while one of
my customers shopped
in the store coming up with
different collages!
I had so much fun
and before I close I wanted to share
my wreath door display.
This poor door
came off of our first house in Washington
and I had to bring it with to Alaska.
My Mom today is making
Hard tack its a Swedish flat bread
I will post pictures of it and a recipe.
when I can get my hands on some.
I wish she lived a little closer.
It's not the holidays without this treat!


  1. I really like your collages, Heidi. Very fun and interesting. Diane

  2. I love your collages! They look fabulous ... I love the little enamel dish with the apples and pears ... and some of those old Christmas decorations, and the blue whale ... very appealing to the eye!

  3. Cute! I love the little snowman wreath, Tamara x

  4. Love the collages! I see a few old ornaments like the ones I have, how fun to have so many interesting things.

  5. You have bunch of treasures there! Love it!

  6. Hej Heidi

    Good morning my friend
    I LOVE your collages...Have you ever tried scanning them and printing them? My daughter who is at Art School in S'holm does all the time they come out really great, make fab unusual cards or even a blog header!
    Your magazine is ready and waiting here to post out, but I can't find the email you sent with the address on grrr...can you mail it to me again please SORRRY. I am going to send you my address again too!
    Have a great week ahead


  7. I love your collages. But i have to say i love your vintage christmas decorations more Wow what a gorg stash and all those lovely colours look fabulous.I know what you mean about wishing your mum lived a little closer i have the same problem and its so hard sometimes. Have a lovely day. Dee ;-)

  8. Great collages - well done - such interesting things!

  9. Ooh I love vintage Christmas! The more the merrier!

  10. you've used your 'right' hand, dear!
    LOVE it!
    (image 3 is quite simply... adorable!)

  11. We on the west coast are such is -10C which is 14F but I lived on the prairies and it got as low as -40 with wind chill...which is -40F so I should stop whining.

    The difference is having an insulated house with double pane windows which this house is not!

    I like image number 3 also, and the little goats!

  12. I love it. So many special treasures to feast my eyes on. x

  13. Just what you need from a bit of school craft relief!! Love Posie

  14. Hi Heidi,

    Your collage's look like fun!! I enjoyed your comment on my blog about the way you dress. It sounds very familiar. I used to live in a little village where people behaved the same way as in your town. Nowadays in the big city no one really cares. You can wear whatever you like and just be yourself.

    Your parcel is finally on it's way. I hope it will arrive next week. I added some fun hairclips for your daughter. I think/hope you will both love them :-)!

    Enjoy your new day. Looking forward to see the Swedisch loaf!

    Lieve groet,


  15. Hi Heidi, Love what you do. did i see a whale around that bunch.
    Thank you for your comment . Just love it when someone leaves me a comment as i'm still new to the system.
    I think my CIRCLE OF FRIENDS is growing.

  16. yes there are so many interesting things here to see, how fun :)

  17. oooh love your objects for collage and your creations too; interesting i can feel an assemblage coming on...
    had a lucky trot 84!
    but darn you had a dastardly gallop 86!
    spit; x