Friday, December 18, 2009

Country French Antiques

What a beautiful storefront ,oh what I could do with this space I love it . In Alaska 6 months the front windows would be solid frost.
This is old french glazed pottery in a beautiful green. I saw some pottery very similar to these on another fabulous blog pineconeandroses.

How cool is this she looks like she's had a restful sleep ready for her first cup of coffee.
What a wonderful informative blog She has an antique store in Kentucky. One of her post was about a huge antique mall after 26 years was closing their doors. I know I'm finding when I go back to visit some of my favorite stores I find they have closed.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my little blog, Heidi. It helps to have a daughter who's a potter. Her stuff is so beautiful.

    Don't you just love this blogging? There are so many people with interests in common and these ladies are SO supportive and kind. It takes a little while for people to find you and comment but they will. A good mag is Artful Blogging. It gives you some good tips as well as some fantastic blogs. It's $14.99 but it takes me a month to read the whole thing. Blessings, Diane