Thursday, December 10, 2009

The joy of Enamelware

I am so passionate about enamelware, the German and French is more decorative where the Danish is less ornate.

The vivid colors are so cheery, two years ago I met my enamelware idol. He was up visiting Alaska with a friend who happened also to be an antique dealer from connecticut, Borge Hermansen is from Denmark but now he has an antique store in Vermont with his lovely wife Janet I hope to meet her someday. He stopped by my little shop and I had so much fun visiting with them. I have been drooling over his European antiques and enamelware for years on his great informative website check it out.


  1. Hi, Heidi, You have an amazing collection of enamelware. Has it taken you a long time to accumulate that? Thanks for sharing about your friends who are now in Connecticut. After I closed my shop I really missed people like that, some only came once a year but it was so great to see them. Have a good weekend.

  2. I think you will agree when you love the product and you love the people it's the best. Lord knows I love to gab and visit. I have a friend in Denmark that has been sending me sets for 9 years.She is amazing. I find though either people love it or they don't. In your store did you ever get so excited about something and just think it won't even last a day and it just sits?

  3. Hi how are you! I am going to put a link to you on our website.

    Your blog is beautiful!