Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Bed.....no more floor

The bed It's so beautiful...
This is the first antique wood bed I have ever bought,
I have always loved the old cast iron metal beds...but
Change is good.
I'm hoping that we don't crash to the floor
at least for 12 years.
may our old bed rest in peace!

it's full of such lovely details

I can't wait till morning
for my first
cup of coffee.
I now reach the nightstand again..


  1. Somehow I can't imagine you sleeping on the floor all winter. But looking at this new bed I can see why you waited. It's truly beautiful. Enjoy it for a long time. Diane

  2. What a beautiful bed!
    thanks for popping by, always lovely to make new blogging friends!
    I'm off to have a browse through your blog!
    Rachel x