Saturday, March 27, 2010

Perfect Pink

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What is it with pink...
I'm finding I'm adding more of this color all through the house!!
maybe because I have Mimi now..
where I use to be overrun by men so I did a lot of red...
I love that stove and couch...BUT
that car is out of this world!


  1. I love pink, too, Heidi. My husband has done appliance repair for a long time. When we had our antique store I would tell him that if he ever saw a pink stove or washer or ANYTHING to buy it. I'll load it myself, whatever! I just want one. I thought it would be great display for the store and people would probably want to buy it whether it worked or not. He never saw one (that he would admit). This is such a fun post. I think I like the cars the best, or the typewriter or...... Diane

  2. Oh me too ,I love them all....

  3. LOVE this post! Would you believe my parents had a pink jeep (yes, pink like the car above) when I was little? It was soooooo fun!!!