Sunday, January 3, 2010

For Jane

A happy picture to start you back to work on a great note. Don't forget to wear a dress. I bared my legs in skirt yesterday and as nice as it was to dress up . I did freeze my butt off.
Happy Blogging without moto I never would have known this world existed!! Poor Phil he's always finding me on the computer and were on a countdown till my sis-n-law comes 14 days.


  1. Phil is probably cursing me . . . sorry Phil!

    This is a blast though isn't it?

    I hope Jane Allen has a great week - and you too Heidi!

  2. awe thanks Heidi and Amanda. Wore a purple frilly dress I picked up at Freds and got lots of compliments. Sweater dress tomorrow. Got the girdle ready! Thanks for the sweet picture Heidi. Love the geraniums.