Friday, January 1, 2010

Grace Kelly Style to spare

She looks like she's on a lovely holiday..
My all time favorite movie Rear Window remember how stunning she looked in this dress.

Dial M for murder I can see why Hitchcock loved her.

What a combo Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. That man melts my butter. To catch a Thief my 2nd favorite. I don't know why New Years Day I wish I could just lay around in peace and quiet and watch great movies.....What a way to start the New Year


  1. I saw where she lived in Monaco. Her "palace" as princess . . . what a princess she was too! Her beauty is flawless, and her eloquence and demeanor will never be seen again in another human being. I love To Catch A Thief too! I love his chin!!!

  2. Love the new look on your site Heidi. I decided to wear more dresses this year and find my girly girl! I'm wearing a new purple frock on Monday, grey cable tights, black patent danskos, and short black sweater.I must steal some jewels from Kayla. She has way better stuff than I.