Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clementine again?

It all started with this beautiful bowl made by Amanda.
It was at her swap party. I love it!!!
She made it and it fits unbelievably perfect
in this room!
I posted my clementine room last year
so if you have already seen it I apologize.
I love to collect little wooden toy boats.

and sea baubles

I love this little smoker...

and these shelves
that kids use to make in shop class.

This little plate my dad brought back
from Alaska in the 60's when he first was up.

I love my little German sailboat.
This little piggy went to the beach...

I love my old sinks.
I love this old Japanese float that
a girlfriend gave me
it washed up on a remote beach in Alaska.
I was worried about my map
behind the tub but it has held up very well.

I love this mirror
My Mom has a huge one
we found on the road.
but she snagged it,

This little desk I found for a $1.50
actually I found 2 but I gave one away.
one of my best finds!
Another shop class shelf
my favorite.
I love my little Danish boat.
I love vintage books.
the illustrations are the best.
this book is one of my favorites.
I would love to blow up and frame some of these.
Well it all started with a colorful bowl!
check out her blog
and in her older posts you will see her pottery.
I hope she posts soon her
Valentines day bowls!
Anyway this is my Clementine
orange bathroom for my boys
I now have lived with the color for a year and I
still love it!
Color is good.


  1. Love all your bits and bobs! I especially love the smoker...super cool!

    Have a super rest of a day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Heidi, your collections are fascinating! Everytime you share something new it gets better and better.
    When I was a young child we had a beach house on the Oregon coast and collected many of the Japanese floats, how nice that you have one as they are a rare find now.
    Enjoyed the bathroom tour.

  3. Hej Heidi

    I am in love with your bathroom...
    The colour, the sinks, the bath tub.
    All your bits n bobs, so quirky and great
    I like your collection of boats...
    The Map is brilliant.

  4. All the little boats especially are pretty. Nice seeing my Bean's bowl. Your house is so cute Heidi! Diane

  5. That's one cool bathroom - a room for adventures and imagining!! Love it!

  6. I loved your post and the little yellow sailboat shelf.
    But most of all I loved the view you have from your bathroom window!

  7. Dear Heidi,

    what a great collection of beautiful vintage boats. It looks very decorative. Some years ago I had a maritime bathroom too. Now it is more french inspired. I love colours too, mostly the pastel colours. And enamelware is a passion of me - if you are interested in, you can see my enamelware collection under my label "enamelware" on the right side of my blog.
    Much thanks for your so kind comment in my blog. I have the great luck to live near france and switzerland and not so far away from italy and if I ever have the possibility I move to these beautiful countrys.
    I feel very honored that you have added me to your favourite bloglist and I will do the same.

    My best greetings to you and your family,

  8. O WOW What a great room and so many beautiful things to look at, bath times in your house much be so magical your bath is gorgeous to. I love your little basket on legs and the little bucket, wow so many warm relaxing colours to. dee x

  9. I'm drooling a little here. Your place is an absolute treasure trove! X

  10. Oh love the boat theme, my father was in the Navy for 32 years so i grew up with a bit of naval memorabilia in the house. So bright & breezy, the boats are magnificent, love Posie
    PS also an orange fan, like my blog header suggests

  11. How nice to have so many lovely boats around you.
    Groetjes Willy

  12. You have the most incredible collection of things! And you arrange them all so wonderfully ... I could get lost in your house wandering around 'oohing and aahing' at everything!

  13. now that is one lovely show around your place! thank you. i am more than a little intrigues by the book in image 1. inspiring! like you, i love those old books for the illustrations...

  14. Super funny Heidi!!!! We are two peas in pod. I have some of the same little boats in my sons room. I love your bathtub, hopefully someday I will get one. My grandmother in germany had a old free standing tub in the backyard. I remember playing in it as a child. She would go out on hot summer nights and soak under the stars. Sounds like sheer bliss to me. There is a store in Centralia Washington that sells old sinks and tubs, maybe I will have to get one from them..........

  15. Everything is so cute! I have a thing for sailboats too so I love your bathroom :) Cheers to the w/e!!

  16. What a wonderful bathroom, I love it! All these little stuff make it so beautiful ;o)
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Oh I adore your sweet little fun is it. Your collections are amazing...thank you for sharing...and I soooooo love the colour.

    Happy Friday...fill it with love. xoxo

  18. Hello Heidi
    Oh your room is so very full of seaside delights! I love old boats and sea-themed toys too and so your room looks perfect to me :-)
    Thank you for visiting today. I hope the new blog will soon make you feel at home like the old one did. If it's not too tricky I may try to copy some of the old posts across.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    D x

  19. cute colourful and kinda fruity
    so many interesting bits and bobs
    you must love dusting!