Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome Color....

You guys are going to have to help me come up
with a name for this....
My Magazine collection is up around 200
or so and like this fabulous cottage
I just want to share.

once a week a blast from the past
a post on an old magazine.

I loved this 1,200sq ft cottage.
How happy is this home.

all of her rooms are cheery and bright.
Maybe because I'm sitting in a
blanket of fresh snow!

look at this great green.

love this sink and
the dot mirror!

Cute kitchen, the fridge!
Alfresco dining as it should be,
not my Alaskan version!
So think about what
my catch phrase should be?


  1. This is a great idea, and it is interesting that the styles really don't change that much when it comes to 'cottage'. This is kind of 'recycle style' with your magazine stash.

  2. What a dreamy cottage. I must live there now! lol. What a great idea. I have to say I have quite a little stash of housey mags too. I keep meaning to sort them out and keep the images that I love and recycle the rest. One day i will be organised enough!

    you could call your little slot Magazine Musings?? maybe?.........

    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous images.

    MBB x

  3. Lovely cottage ;o) And I always dreamed about these fridges...they are so beautiful but no way to live with four men and buy a pink one *smile*
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. I'm stuck for a name but I like the idea! I'm trying to work out if I have time to make a scrapbook of my favourite cuttings, so that I can weed out the unwanted pages and cut down my collection a bit. Not sure...

  5. magazine musings is kinda spot on
    perhaps you could precede this with 'retro'?
    funny how styles seem to be on a loop eh?
    sad you ain't around the corner
    i have been systematically dumping my old 'world of interiors' magazines
    breaks my heart
    but no frenchie wants them and they weigh too much to post and pass on
    it's a shameful crime
    (will email you shortly to say merci x)
    meanwhile big merci...

  6. You told us yourself: Blast from the past?!

    I really love those bright colors too, anytime!

  7. What a fabulous selection of images - I'm loving those textiles in particular. How gorgeous is that tablecloth. I'm hopeless at naming/phrasing, but I really have enjoyed those pictures. Thank you.

  8. That is one very gorgeous, pretty but at the same time cosy cottage, so many lovely things. thanks for sharing that with us, dee x

  9. Oh, yes, one pretty - and cool! - cottage; I like a lot of the stuff in there :) Great colours. Magazine musings is good.....or Magazine Monday......Old mags / new style.....or Heidi's helful hints for home decoration, ha, ha!!

  10. Colourful houses are always so lovely and bright. Why do so many people go for boring furnishings?

  11. Ooooh love that cottage! So colourful!!! I want a SMEG!!!!

    Victoria xx

  12. What a great idea! How about Magazine Throwback, Magazine Retro or Magazine Timecapsule?

  13. Cute and bright pictures, Heidi. That pink fridge - I'd change my whole kitchen to match it. I'm thinking about a name. I'll get back to you. Dine

  14. I love looking at others nests. They are all so bright and summery. Feel good rooms!

  15. All so light & breezy, fantastic mix of colour, i love it. Love Posie
    PS finally accepted my Stylish Blogger award from you, thanks Heidi!!

  16. I think I could move on in my friend...smaller is better I am starting to think! Hugs for a great weekend.

  17. I love that house! It is gorgeous and the colours are fabulous together, but it doesn't look like a mish-mash.

    I can never think of names for anything ... if something comes to me I'll get back to you.

  18. I could be live there on a day like today, it is grey and rainy.
    Enjoy your day, hugs Willy

  19. mag panoply?
    perhaps just no name...