Friday, February 4, 2011

winter is still going strong....

We just got fresh snow
Spring is still a few months off

my icicle shot did not show up very well.
I went to Anchorage to get a load of wood
with my parents and we stayed at my sisters
(no scrabble games this time)

and It was so nice getting to do just a dab of shopping
I found these new napkins at Mill and Feed.

I think they look great in my basket.

I'm ready for Spring
these reminded me of Marimekko.

I loved this top online and found it
on the clearance rack for less
in the store, with a cardigan....cute

this cute flower pot.

I love my new creamer.
I can't wait to put a few fresh flowers in him!

My $2 bag
It's funny how a few new things can brighten your mood.
well I'm off for about 3 days so I will show you some amazing Photos
when I get back.


  1. You just can't control yourself with shopping!!! Worst than a little girl with a new doll !!!! Hahaha

  2. to Paris and all!!!

  3. Such a nice and bright post today..thanks, I needed that touch of spring color! See you when you get back. Have a good time and stay safe.

  4. Wow, you've still got a lotta snow! Good shopping there though girl - you're nearly as good a bargain-hunter as me! Enjoy your trip away, Abby x

  5. Well, have a good trip! I am fighting to pretend that spring is coming to the south of France, but a friend in the supermarket told me that it's several months off - that's what SHE thinks! I bet you would agree with me that spring is nearly here already - bulbs out, weather warmer at times, no snow... I stick to my guns, we are having a British spring.

  6. Have a great weekend sweetie!

    Victoria xx

  7. You're right, it doesn't take much. A few treasures and you feel like a queen. It's wonderful isn't it. I love your shots of the snow and the trees, Heidi, very beautiful. Diane

  8. well, that bag! certainly screams sping!
    you really can't wait, can you?
    extension going alright, sweet?

  9. Have a great weekend, nice to see all your lovely things, dee x

  10. Oh boy, the elephant creamer, that is amazing!! Ahhh, what a great family, shopping & colourful trip you had. Love Posie

  11. You have such great taste! Such cute things and a good eye for a bargain.

    And that snow on those trees in the first shots is just magical ... though I guess you get sick of it after a while.

  12. Ooh `eck, Missus, you`re still well in the throes of winter!We`re in double-figures today, temperature-wise - 10 degrees - but I`m not complaining, at least the raging winds have gone for the time being. Have a great time away. x

  13. Love the elephant creamer, very cute.
    The napkins are nice too.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself away. Em x

  14. I love the sun shining through those trees :)

  15. The napkins are nice. I also like napkins and buy a lot. Your bag is quite nice.
    Have a nice weekend and enjoy the new things.

  16. Have a nice time!
    Love your shopping items ;o)

  17. Hi Heidi,

    I had to catch up with you again! Your top looks great! It has a vintage feel to it, which I like very much. Your bag looks beautiful too. Just the colour you need when the world around you is white!

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,


    (no parcel yet!)

  18. Oh what fun! Great finds! That print reminds me of Marimekko too!

  19. I love your $2.00 bag!!! I think we all need wonderful bursts of color to get us through the winter whites!!!

  20. Beautiful fresh snow! We still have a good deal of snow in Norway too, but not quite as fresh looking, unfortunately. I would not mind a bit more of the white stuff, even though I do long for spring. But since it still is "only" February, we could have a bit more of "proper" winter. Oh dear, I just might have jinxed it now....

    Thank you for your lovely comments in my blog. They sure are appreciated.