Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Magazine musings and a little look back.....

This was one of my favorite magazines and then of course
they dropped it.
I loved how they would always feature
someones collection and these
seaside sirens were amazing!

I wish I was doing just this....

great bathroom

this was the August/September issue in 2004
and when we got it I was having a hard time
with a girls name.....and there it was Emilia.
Did any of you have a hard time picking names
for your kids?
Love this next home....

This is how I'm going to decorate the store
when were done.
love the kitchen
you should see their studio

LOve the view from the windows...

another great kitchen
love the yellow and the fireplace
did I mention I'd like to be here....

I love all her little cupboards

how cute are they!


  1. It was my favorite for years..and it was quite a shock when it was cancelled.

  2. Some gorgeous rooms there! Love the chair in the last pic! Abby x

  3. Oh what gorgeous pictures! The sirens are sooooo cute and I like the whiteish kitchen.

    I could be sitting in those chairs too.......but very cold, grey and wet here, so will have to wait a bit! he he!

    Have a great rest of day Heidi!


  4. are you going to open another store?
    or am i confused of 'orchies/france'
    thora spit

  5. I loved her magazine...I got a subscription to it for 2 years for christmas once!

    I also miss dearly Canadian Home and Country....that was my favorite!

  6. I loved that magazine, too, Heidi. It's a shame that they had to quit.

    Kid's names - of the three girls Brenda's was the hardest. We argued that one out until the nurse was standing there with a clipboard waiting - 4 days. I refused to name her what he wanted!!!! I'm glad I did because I like her name.

  7. Such nice pics from your magazine, timeless ... kids names..hhmmm I wanted to name them after Charlie Brown characters... husband not impressed...only got away with one :) x x x x

  8. I loved that magazine too! It took me almost 2 years to locate an address where I could buy it up here. No prices are given guessing what happened next :-(. Then I bought a few magazine on ebay, old issues, for only 1,99 for 4. But I forgot to ask shipping costs before, so the seller send them the very easy way, that the magazines were collected at her home...I paid almost 50 bucks for that....that was the end of my adventures concerning Mary Engelbreit's magazine! I'll tell you about kid's names some other time!

  9. Dear Heidi,

    the sirenes are absolutely wonderful and so vintage. I love such things!
    I think you wrote from my bread tins od bread bins wizh the rose decors - in germany we call them "Brotkasten". French enamelware is the best but the most expensive too. I saw danish enamelware in other blogs and love them too. And I know the french bowls, the antique ones are gorgeous but although expensive for me. French antiques are so pretty and I would love to have more. Please look at my post "Brocante und Colmar im Elsass" - there you can see some windows from french antique shops with beautiful things.

    much lovely greetings,

  10. That looks wonderful - just the kind of thing I love! I have just taken out a second subscription (shock, horror!) to BBC Homes and Antiques, which has similar collection features.

  11. Hi Heidi, what a great magazine. I can understand why this was one of your favorite magazines.

  12. I have all her magazines still....I remember this issue. I really miss this magszine!

    Hope your day is going well my friend. xoxox

  13. so, i'm reading in between the lines... 'how you will be decorating the store'?
    in the extension????
    when d'you open?
    oh goodie! for you!!

  14. I love the seaside sirens, and all the lovely rooms!!! I also really miss the magazines. They were super!!!

  15. Iv never seen that magazine but it looks lovely, what some beautiful rooms, i love being nosy so to speak and seeing inside peoples homes i find them inspiring and a great source for inspiration. Thanks for sharing i enjoyed that, dee x

  16. Oh wow, the yellow & white vertical wide stripes, fantastic!! You do love a good interior magazine, love Posie

  17. Dear Heidi,

    the ceramics with the forget-me-nots is from a german manufacture called "Max Roesler". This manufacture only existed from 1893 til 1923. In this limited time the manufacture produced many pretty kitchenalia with beautiful floral decors. It is rare and mostly expensive, but so nice. My passion for it begun as I met my husband who has the 4 pots on my last picture from his grand-grandma. It is not his taste but it is from his family and he loves it as I do.

    warm greetings,

  18. Oh Heidi,

    you made my day! I´m laughing so loudly about your answer!
    My husband has a very different taste as I. And he had some ugly furniture too. He had!
    As we married, we took from both sides the best furnitures (mostly mines´s, hehe) and bought something new. And from his parents we got beautiful antique furnitures for our dining room. My father-in-law loves antiques as I do.
    The ugliest item from my husband was a poster from the two old men of the muppet show! Can you believe it? It was hanging over his bed! Uhhh! He said with a big grin that he want to hang it in our new house over the bed too. I was absolutely shocked. I don´t know where this ugly poster is now but it is definitely not in our living space - thanks god!
    But my husband can be so sweet. He don´t like pink but he bought me a pink refrigarator and to my birthday a pink kitchenaid - so sweet!

    lovely greetings again,

  19. Love all the ME magazines...I have every issue! You are a busy gal! ~Heidi