Friday, February 18, 2011

No one likes a whiner....

Diane look how pretty it looks...

I had been wanting an i phone for awhile
our son has had one for a couple of years now
and they really are amazing.

so when my phone disappeared right before Christmas
and I received an email on the purchase of our new
at&t phone.....I was so excited.
My husband is a dream boat but
when it comes to gift buying
and bringing me flowers....well
he has a knack for bringing the only rotten
bunch of flowers home...
So when I unwrapped my one box under the tree
from him......his smile was ear to ear in anticipation of
finally getting me the perfect gift and there it was the
htc....he immediately told me it was better than an i phone.
So coming home from Anchorage Mimi was playing
around with my phone last week and discovered this sepia mode
I loved this feature.
now the rest of these are also from my phone
this is in Coopers Landing.

I can't wait till we can get back to the addition
we are going to change the dormers on the house to match the rest
and extend the porch across the front.

I loved this light idea
I found this in the travel and leisure magazine
while getting my hair done.

I love this window I wish we had a few stores
like this to window shop by also from the same magazine.

well I hate to say it but its kind of growing on me
who knows what could have been if the i phone
had been in stock.....
what else can these phones do?
whats your favorite option?


  1. Fab pics - love the sepia ones, but the scenery ones are to die for. And I love your house! - going to be great when it's done! I've got a very basic phone, but middle daughter (Ruby's mum) just won an iPad in a competition! it's amazing!! Enjoy your weekend. Abby x

  2. I ALWAYS am using my phone for pictures, maybe i need this!

  3. Congrats on your new gadget. I don't have one but the app for the night sky sounds wonderful.

    Are you conjoining two houses?

    Happy weekend, Rochelle

  4. Those pictures are amazing. I am looking forward to watching the progress of your add-on.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I wish I could tell you about the phones Heidi. I'm way behind time on them. I love the sepia shots, though, and the shots on the way from Anchorage are phenomenal and crisp. Your new addition is looking great, can't wait to see what it's going to look like. I bet you'll LOVE having the extra room. Cute lamps, too. Have a great weekend.

  6. i phone is fab
    but not speaking from personal experience!
    my mobile = telephone box proportions!
    and you are talented 'h'
    and more than that you have the common touch
    (read popular) unlike moi!

  7. I have no phone...
    But our little two houses side by side are really cute, and to think you have to do this during winter. BBBRRRRRR.

  8. Wow! I have the cheapest cell phone we could buy (free), so it doesn't take cool pics like yours. So fun - enjoy!!!
    ~ Zuzu

  9. Hihi I alos Have an Iphone but there are so many apps that I can't decide which one are the best ;o)
    Beautiful pictures did you taken ;o)
    Have a nice sunday!

  10. Hi Heidi,

    Your sepia pics look great! It's like they were made years ago. I haven't got an I phone yet, so I can't give you any advice. Jan, my husband is considering buying one!

    Heidi, please don't feel obliged to send me a new parcel. I am sure the jar will arrive!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Veel lieve groetjes,


  11. loveys! the extension???
    how gorgeous is THAT?

  12. Lucky of these is on my wish as well. Great images...I am in love with that light idea.

    Hugs for a great week.. xoox

  13. Looks like your addition is moving right along!!! It's going to be so cute when your done!!! I can't wait!!! Cooper close, next time you will have to stop!!!